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South Australian wine crowned best in Australia

The vineyard’s flagship wine, the Yangarra Grenache McLaren Vale Ovitelli 2021, has garnered acclaim for its distinctive character and quality.

South Australia’s Yangarra Estate Vineyard has been heralded as the producer of Australia’s best wine by the esteemed JS Wine Ratings, marking a significant achievement for the region and the Australian wine industry.

This recognition is a testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of South Australian wines, particularly those hailing from the renowned McLaren Vale.

Yangarra Estate Vineyard, situated in the heart of McLaren Vale, is celebrated for its dedication to biodynamic farming and innovative winemaking.

The vineyard’s flagship wine, the Yangarra Grenache McLaren Vale Ovitelli 2021, has garnered acclaim for its distinctive character and quality. This wine, meticulously crafted and aged in egg-shaped vessels for about 150 days on skins, exemplifies the unique terroir and the winemaking expertise of the region.

The award from JS Wine Ratings highlights the growing prominence of Australian Grenache, especially from McLaren Vale, in the global wine scene.

The region’s old bush vines thrive in a blend of sandy, ironstone, and schist soils, creating a Grenache with a unique profile – a medley of red fruits, complex spices, and a saline edge. This distinctiveness has positioned McLaren Vale’s Grenache alongside the world’s finest wines.

In addition to the acclaim garnered by Yangarra Estate Vineyard, several other South Australian wines have also been recognized in the JS Wine Ratings Top 100, showcasing the depth and diversity of the region’s viticultural excellence. These selections highlight the rich tapestry of South Australia’s wine-producing capabilities, spanning various styles and grape varieties.

Among these celebrated wines, the Thistledown Grenache McLaren Vale This Charming Man Old Vine Clarendon 2021 stood out, securing a prominent place in the Top 100. Crafted from old bush vines nestled in the sandy and ironstone-rich soils of McLaren Vale, this Grenache is celebrated for its vibrant red fruit profile, exotic spices, and intricate texture. Its inclusion in the Top 100 underscores McLaren Vale’s reputation as a premier region for Grenache, offering wines that are both distinctive and reflective of their unique terroir.

Another notable inclusion from South Australia was the Alkina Grenache Barossa Valley Polygon No. 3 2020. This wine is a testament to the Barossa Valley’s ability to produce Grenache of exceptional quality.

The wine’s nuanced character, combining red fruit flavors with a peppery, sandy palate and saline freshness, is indicative of the old vineyards and the complex soil compositions of the Barossa Valley. Like the Yangarra Grenache, Alkina’s offering is a brilliant example of how traditional grape varieties can find new expressions in South Australia’s diverse landscapes.

The success of these wines in the Top 100 is a reflection of the region’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable viticulture, ensuring that South Australian wines continue to impress on the global stage.

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