South Australian Wine Industry Prepares for Re-Entry into Chinese Market with Workshops

The series of workshops for the wine and grape industry will provide important insights into the current market conditions with China

As the South Australian wine industry anticipates a resolution to the wine tariffs imposed by China, a series of workshops are being organized to arm wine makers, grape growers, and exporters with crucial knowledge for re-entering this vital market. The workshops, scheduled from January 29 to February 1, 2024, at various locations across South Australia, aim to prepare close to 200 businesses for a strategic re-engagement with China, the state’s largest wine export market.

Under the SA Government’s initiative, these workshops will be held in Coonawarra, Barossa, Adelaide Hills, and Riverland. Experts will cover a range of topics including economics, wine market conditions, market access, legal considerations, and cultural awareness. This initiative is a collaborative effort of the Department for Trade and Investment, the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA), and the Department of Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA).

Nick Champion, Minister for Trade and Investment, underscores the significance of these workshops, “The series of workshops for the wine and grape industry will provide important insights into the current market conditions with China, our largest export market.” Champion recognises the potential for greater opportunities and the government’s role in preparing local industries to maximize these chances.

Clare Scriven, Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, echoes this sentiment, emphasising the state’s pride in its world-class wineries and grape producers. “These China Market Insight Workshops will cover topics including market conditions, change in consumers’ preferences since the COVID pandemic, China wine industry preferences and distribution channels, and cultural awareness and many others,” Scriven notes, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the workshops.

Inca Lee, Chief Executive of SAWIA, speaks about the enduring appeal of South Australian wine in China, “South Australian wine has made a deep impression on the Chinese consumer who value quality products, and we know this sentiment has not been diminished by the pause in our trading relationship.” Lee emphasizes the importance of maintaining industry knowledge of the China wine market while awaiting the outcome of the tariff review.

The series of workshops follows a tailored industry briefing held in October last year, where participants gained insights from the sector representatives involved in the Premier’s China visit. This preparation comes at a crucial time, as China remains a significant market for South Australian wine. In October 2020, China was the largest wine export market for South Australia, valued at $946.5 million. Although there was a drop in export value to $2.7 million by November 2023, the potential for growth remains high.

The State Government continues its efforts to stabilize relationships with China, a move that has already seen the removal of trade impediments on various Australian products since May last year. These workshops are a vital step in repositioning South Australia as a market leader in China, reflecting the collaborative efforts at both state and federal levels.

Registrations for the China Market Insights Workshops are open exclusively to South Australian grape and wine businesses, marking a proactive approach to re-engage with a key market and bolster the state’s economy through its renowned wine sector.

China Market Insights Workshop
Registrations are open for the China Market Insights Workshops, offered exclusively to South Australian grape and wine businesses.   
Dates and locations:

  • Monday 29 January 2024, Coonawarra Hall, Coonawarra, 10.30am–1.30pm
  • Tuesday 30 January 2024, The Barossa Cellar, Vine Vale 9am–12pm
  • Wednesday 31 January 2024, Hotel Renmark, Renmark, 9.30am–12.30pm
  • Thursday 1 February 2024, Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, Hahndorf, 9.30am–12.30pm

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