South Australians set to save with new sliding-scale fee system for development applications

The Government introduces a fairer sliding-scale fee system, forecast to lower or equalise costs for 89% of development applications.

The SA Government is initiating a new, more equitable lodgement fee model for development applications.

It is projected that 89% of development applications will incur a lower or equivalent fee. The fees are now based on a sliding-scale system, aligning with the cost of the proposed development.

In the previous model, a standard fee was charged to all development applications. The transition towards the new fee system is expected to benefit South Australian households and small developers. They will primarily experience lower fees when lodging development applications.

The new model introduces attractive costs for applications with an overall development cost of less than $500,000. These projects will now have a lodgement fee starting from $90, a significant reduction from the prior flat rate of $193. Costs for developments exceeding $500,000 will start to scale up. High-cost developments exceeding $10 million will face a maximum lodgement fee of $2970.

The new fee structure aims to contribute to the Government’s efforts to alleviate the housing crisis. It is designed to reduce application expenses for South Australians looking to develop housing options.

Fee changes will also apply to proposals aiming to amend the Planning and Design Code (code amendments). Each proposed code amendment’s complexity will be reflected in the new fee structure. It aims to deliver a fair system where users are charged only for the services they obtain.

The Government has pledged to promote transparency and accountability throughout the code amendment process. Charging appropriate fees, equivalent to the amount of work to be done, provides the Department the means to continue delivering efficient and high-standard services.

Code amendments vary in complexity. Some are simple, while others are much more complicated. Complex code amendments demand time and resources and benefit from the innovative technology and functionality of the state’s planning portal, PlanSA.

Quotes from Nick Champion MP, the Minister for Planning, highlighted the new fee system’s potential advantages.

“The sliding scale is designed to benefit those looking to add a small extension, or a shed or a pool who will save money under this new system. While the larger development applications which are more complex and require significantly more time to process will have to pay more. This will be a fairer system for the community”.

For details on the fees for development applications click here.
For details on the fees for code amendments click here.

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