South Australia’s most awesome donut named

Browns Barossa Donuts in Tanunda has won Jodie & Hayesy’s Most Awesome Donut Competition on Nova 919.

Images credit: @brownsbarossadonuts

Browns Barossa Donuts in Tanunda has won Jodie & Hayesy’s Most Awesome Donut Competition on Nova 919.

Taking to their social media after the announcement was made, Browns Barossa Donuts said: “Our mission is to create the most delicious donuts you can buy because we feel like if you’re going to go out to treat yourself, you should be left feeling full of joy & satisfaction!

“We’re so glad that you feel the same way as we do & as you support us,

“We are a small family run business in a country destination that puts the customer first in every possible way, holds true to our values & and makes sure your experience with us is OUTSTANDING.

“We are truly grateful for your support, for the people who travel hours & all our regular customers. Thank you so much.”

Owned and run by David Brown and his wife Rachel, Browns Barossa Donuts began as a passion project. Today, they specialise in crafting fresh, fluffy brioche donuts that are not only delicious, but also Insta-worthy. Their menu features a diverse array of options, from a winter pavlova donut, to a classic glazed brioche, or even an apple pie donut.

Central to their success is their commitment to using the finest local produce. Their signature brioche dough is lovingly prepared with local free-range eggs, Australian butter, flour sourced from nearby mills, and Australian sugar, salt, and yeast. They opt against preservatives to prioritise freshness, ensuring each bite celebrates real, wholesome ingredients.

Winning Jodie & Hayesy’s Most Awesome Donut Competition adds to their growing list of achievements. Last year, they were named “Best Doughnut in SA” on the prestigious Delicious 100 list curated by Delicious Australia.

From humble beginnings as a passion project, to winning awards and becoming a local favourite, Browns Barossa Donuts in Tanunda is a must-visit for donut-lovers.

Browns Barossa Donuts
When: Weds-Fri 8:30am-2pm, Sat 9am-1pm
Where: 46 Murray St, Tanunda SA 5352
Facebook: Browns Barossa – Gourmet Donuts
Instagram: @brownsbarossadonuts
For more information, click here.

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