South Australia’s most remote bakery is gearing up to reopen later this month

SA’s most remote underground pop-up bakery, in SA’s outback town Farina, is opening again on May 25th for a limited period of time.

Farina’s famous underground bakery is BACK for eight weeks, from May 25th to July 21st, offering a range of delicious treats, from cream buns to pies to fresh bread and more.

Every year between May and July, Volunteers of the Farina Restoration Group run a works program to continue the preservation and exhibition of the old Farina Town.

They work to preserve its history, and the bakery plays a large role in that. The underground location was originally a meat safe before the population grew and it got turned into a bakehouse in the 1880s to produce fresh bread for the town.

Now, volunteers bake delicious goods down below using that same oven and bring them up to serve in the local Farina cafe which is only open from May 25th until July 21st this year.

With thousands of visitors heading to the site every year, especially once school holidays hit and other outback events like Bash, Marree Camel Cup and the Finke Desert Race, it keeps the cafe busy.

Farina is located within the Lake Eyre Basin, on the old alignment of the Great Northern Railway later known as the Ghan Railway, 26Kms North of Lyndhurst and 55Kms South of Marree, near the junctions of the Birdsville, Innaminka and Oodnadatta Tracks in South Australia. It’s roughly a 6-hour trip from Adelaide’s CBD (with upgraded from gravel to bitumen roads) and the perfect distance for a road trip.

The walking trails, information boards and camping grounds are open 365 days of the year, but the bakery, cafe and museum come alive for just 59 days.

During that time the normal stone work, railway redevelopment, trail maintenance, educational signage, and building works continue.

For eight weeks of every year, Farina is a great destination for a small trip to warm up and get some fresh air. Winter days are beautiful and in the low 20s, and open fires are often scattered around every night around “happy hour.”

Farina pop-up
When: From May 25th until July 21st 2024
More info: Click here

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