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South Australia’s Rosé Rumble returns to Market Shed on Holland

This January, the Adelaide Wine Market is bringing a splash of pink to the season with its much-anticipated Rosé Rumble.

This January, the Adelaide Wine Market is bringing a splash of pink to the season with its much-anticipated Rosé Rumble. Set against the backdrop of the sun-drenched state, this event promises to be a delightful soiree for lovers of the quintessential summer wine – Rosé.

Taking place at the Market Shed on Holland on Saturday January 27, the Rosé Rumble is the brainchild of the same team that brought us the Grenache Fest. This event is not just a wine tasting; it’s a vibrant festival that brings the heart of Adelaide’s CBD to life with the allure of Rosé. The Adelaide Wine Market, known for its commitment to showcasing local boutique producers, is turning the spotlight on Rosé, offering a unique opportunity to explore this beloved wine in all its varieties.

While the full lineup of the event is still a tantalizing mystery, attendees can expect an impressive array of participants. Notable names from previous events, such as Riot Wine Co, Mazi Wines, and Whistler Wines, hint at the calibre of winemakers set to grace the 2024 Rosé Rumble. But the event isn’t just about wine; it’s a full sensory experience. Gourmet food options will be available to complement the wine tasting, and live music will set the tone for an unforgettable evening.

The Rosé Rumble is more than just a tasting event; it’s an interactive experience. Guests are encouraged to vote for their favourite Rosé, with the chance to win a six-pack of their preferred wine.

Ticket prices are accommodating for everyone, with early bird tickets at $39, regular tickets at $49, and a special $10 entry for designated drivers. The event runs from 5pm to 9pm, offering four hours of indulgence in some of South Australia’s finest Rosés.

South Australia is steadily establishing itself as a leader in boutique distilling, brewing, and winemaking. The Adelaide Wine Markets play a crucial role in this, bringing the best of the state’s wine regions to a central location. The Rosé Rumble is a testament to this, showcasing a diverse range of wines, from well-established labels to exciting new players in the winemaking scene.

In addition to Rosé, the event will feature a variety of wines, beers, ciders, seltzers, and spirits, all locally made. The atmosphere will be further enhanced by live music from local artists, likely to transform the tasting into a dance floor as the night progresses. Local family-run eateries will also be on hand, offering a range of delicious food options throughout the night.

Previous years have seen an impressive line up, including names like Barossa Wine Cartel, Bleasdale, and Brothers at War, alongside non-wine producers like Little Bang Brewing and Red Hen & Storyteller Distillery.

Join the fun on January 27 at the Market Shed on Holland, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of South Australian Rosé.

What: The Rosé Rumble
Where: Market Shed on Holland at 1 Holland Street Adelaide
Saturday 27 January 2024, 5pm-9pm

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