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Spanish Film Festival On In Adelaide

We went to the opening of the15th Spanish Film Festival last night and saw the screening of As Luck Would Have It.


The Palace Nova Cinema is host of the 15th Spanish film festival, which officially opened late last week in Adelaide.

The festival boasts a selection of the best Spanish comedies, dramas, animations and thrillers from established directors including Alberto Rodríguez, Santiago Segura and Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, as well as first-time directors including Kenya Marquez and Rosario Garcia-Montero.

On opening night, guests were treated to a fiesta that included sangria and a performance by flamenco musicians followed by the screening of maverick Spanish filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia's As Luck Would Have It.

As Luck Would Have It is satire of the absurdity and hold the commercial industry has over society, and the lengths people are willing to go to get their slice.

Spanish comedian, Jose Mota made his debut on the big screen playing the defeated and desperate father and husband to the stunning Salma Hayek, who finds himself unemployed and embarrassed.

On a particularly bad day, he inadvertently lands on some bad luck, literally, and uses the accident to sell his story to competing advertising agencies to secure an income for his family.

The audience is sent on an emotional rollercoaster ride as the film changes between scenes of tragic poignancy to derisive humour, never really knowing whether to cry out in laughter or cringe.Guest Jared Stevens says, “I thought it was brilliant, it jumped between black comedy and thrilling, heart wrenching humour so seamlessly. The Spanish, they know how to do it!”

Heather agreed adding that “It played with your emotions and was very relevant to how to media is today.”

After the screening, guests enjoyed a wine or an Estrella Damm pilsener to discuss and share opinions about the film.

Yolanda Sulser, Marketing Coordinator for Palace Nova Cinemas says, "The Spanish Film Festival provides a portal to experience the rich culture and varied lifestyle of Spanish-speaking countries, and in doing so widens the perspective of the community of Adelaide, which in turn contributes to a community of greater understanding."

The festival runs in Adelaide until the 22nd of July until it moves on to Perth, where it finishes. Ticket pricing and movie sessions can be found  on the Palace Nova Cinemas webiste here, or you can register with Spanish Film Festival for updates here.

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