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Spanish Film Festival: Upon Open Sky

Two brothers and their step-sister set out on a road trip to find and confront the man who killed their father two years previously in an horrific traffic accident.

A menacing, emotional, and passionate road-movie.

Upon Open Sky is a family project. Written by Mexican director, producer, and writer, Guillermo Arriaga, it is directed by his two children, Mariana Arriaga and Santiago Arriaga.

Set in the early 1990s, it tells the story of two brothers whose father was killed two years previously in an horrific traffic accident. They have finally tracked down the name and address of the truck driver whose fault the accident was, and decide to embark on a road trip through the Mexican countryside, with a gun, in order to confront him. Their plans are complicated when their new step-sister and her annoying boyfriend insist on joining them in the trip.

Arriaga has crafted a script that joyfully embraces the tropes of the classic road movie, yet travels to a much darker place, whilst also delivering elements of coming-of-age. Grief and anger, both unpredictable states at the best of times, are writ large by inhabiting the bodies of teenagers little equipped to understand their own emotions.

This work is carried by the three outstanding young actors in the lead roles: Federica Garcia as Paula, Theo Goldin as Salvador, and Máximo Hollander as Fernando. Veteran actor Julio Cesar Cedillo delivers pathos and passion as Lucio, the truck driver.

Atmospheric, menacing, gently humorous, compassionate, and intelligent, Upon Open Sky is a film that satisfies on many different levels. And one that stays with you long after the final, emotional, scene.

Upon Open Sky screens as part of the HSBC Spanish Film Festival from June 12th to July 10th at Palace Nova Cinema.

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