Special Olympics Sailing Results

Sailing SOSailing Results from Special Olympics Australia IX National Games

Medals to be presented 10.00am on Friday 23rd April

Sailing 1 Division

Gold Colin Alderton crew, skipper Bradley Alderton (NSW)
Silver Bruce Schofield crew, skipper Melissa Nelson (NSW)

Sailing 2 Division

Gold Alison Weatherly crew, skipper Sarah Millsom (Vic)
Silver Michael Leydon, skipper Stephen Ponder (ACT)
Bronze Robert Hamilton, crew skipper Alyse Saxby (NSW)
4th Gerda Lambeck crew, skipper Catherine Keir (ACT)
5th Shane Walter crew, skipper Ben Walter (SA)
6th Chris Ruston crew, skipper Adam Knust (Qld)
7th Keira Bennett crew, skipper Mary Folland (SA)
8th Graham Brett crew, skipper Andrew Waller (SA)

Sailing 4 Division

Gold Sonja Gilmore crew, skipper Belinda Hill (Qld)
Silver Allister Peek crew, skipper Bronwyn Ibbotson (ACT)
Bronze Adam Knust crew, skipper Warren Hawkins (Qld)
4th Stephen Ponder crew, skipper Catherine Keir (ACT)

Sailing 5F Division

Gold skipper Belinda Hill (Qld)
Silver skipper Bronwyn Ibbotson (ACT)
Bronze skipper Rachel Ward (NSW)
4th skipper Sonja Gilmore (Qld)

Sailing 5M Division

Gold skipper Allister Peek (ACT)
Silver skipper Martin Waller (Vic)
Bronze skipper Mark Thorpe (Vic)
4th skipper Warren Hawkins (Qld)
5th skipper David Weatherly (Vic)

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