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Spider-Man: Far From Home Visual Effects Done By Adelaide Studio

Rising Sun Pictures delivered visual effects for the latest Spider-Man movie, which has grossed over $860 million worldwide since its release.


Adelaide-based visual effects studio Rising Sun Pictures has revealed that it was behind the special effects in key scenes from Marvel blockbuster Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The recently released film is the latest in the Spider-Man franchise and has grossed over $860 million worldwide since July 1.

*Spoiler-free post, but if you’re a Marvel fan who hasn’t watched the movie look away!*

Rising Sun Pictures did extensive work on the hologram effects in a scene with Spider-Man, Nick Fury and Mysterio in a subterranean bunker.

The scene involved complex visual effects including conceptualising black holes and creating the ‘Elementals’; monsters based on pagan gods of the four elements.

Rising Sun Pictures VFX Supervisor Tom Wood said that the studio “combined the latest theories from physics—how black holes distort light and time—and brought that into the dynamism of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“We also had to consider what audiences expect from black holes. The design process involved a delicate balance.”

To design the Elementals, the visual effects artists researched ancient deities, totems and statues associated with the four elements Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

 “Our CG department created elements based on artefacts from Japan, Hawaii and other parts of the world,” says CG Supervisor Ryan Kirby.

They delivered visual effects for other scenes in the movie, including creating digital landscapes in European cities such as Prague and Venice.

The studio has previously contributed to other Marvel movies Thor: Ragnorok, Captain Marvel and the X-Men franchise. Whilst still based here in Adelaide, Rising Sun Pictures is word-renowned and has worked on season six of Game of Thrones, Dumbo and Tomb Raider.

Find out more about Rising Sun Pictures on their website: https://vfxnews.rsp.com.au/

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