SPOTTED: Guzman Y Gomez To Open First Adelaide Taqueria

SPOTTED: Guzman Y Gomez To Open First Adelaide Taqueria

Cult Mexican food outlet Guzman Y Gomez is on the verge of bringing their much loved burritos to South Australia.


So it seems the rumours are true. Cult Mexican restaurant chain Guzman Y Gomez is set to finally open its first South Australian store soon.

The store is set to bring their burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, tacos and enchiladas to the Adelaide CBD, much to the delight of office workers, clubbers and students around the inner west end.

Whilst we’re can’t give you an exact opening date, signage is already adorning the corner of King William and Hindley Street and it won’t be too long until you can get a GYG burrito in your belly. We can almost taste it.

In truth, the opening doesn’t come as a complete surprise. After a lot of social media requests, the cult taqueria foreshadowed its first Adelaide store in November last year. Co-founder Steven Marks at the time said “we can’t wait to introduce Adelaidians to our delicious Mexican food. We know they will love it.”

The chain’s real point of difference can be summarised by its stated goal to “fix fast food.” Guzman Y Gomez prioritises ethical animal treatment above all else and uses: sow stall free pork, free range chicken, and hormone free grass fed beef.

If you love your tacos and care about how your food is sourced, we’re sure you’ll dig the new Adelaide GYG.

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