Spread the Love At Christmas With CIBO Espresso’s Handmade Panettone

With origins steeped in romantic legends from centuries past, CIBO Espresso is again sharing the love with its lighter, hand-made festive bread, the Panettone.

CIBO Espresso Pasticceria Director and renowned pastry chef Claudio Ferraro says the gesture of giving Panettone at Christmas is a time-honoured tradition in Italy.

Considered bad luck to eat it alone, the Panettone is traditionally broken apart by hand and dipped in caffe latte, or with a glass of Moscato d’Asti.

Each year, Claudio strives to improve his recipe and he believes the flavour of this year’s Panettone most resembles the one his mother would bake when he was a child.

“This is the closest you’ll get to that home-made panettone taste and texture, there’s nothing else like it,” he said.

“As always, we keep our Panettone completely free from preservatives, and this year we sought technical advice from Regency TAFE to tweak the balance of ingredients to extract more flavour and to produce a softer, airier texture.”

An enormous amount of time and effort goes into creating the CIBO Espresso Panettone, with the yeast dough left to prove several times for a total of more than 20 hours, including hanging it upside down for several hours.

“Making a panettone really is an expression of love and that’s why Italians share it with their family and friends at Christmas,” Claudio said.

Baked in the shape of a cardinal’s hat in CIBO Espresso’s newly opened kitchen in Windsor Gardens, the soft, sweet bread features citrus peel and marinated sultanas and is topped with toasted almonds.

Available for $25 and gift-boxed from all CIBO Espresso stores from Wednesday, 1 December, the CIBO Espresso Panettone complements the company’s extensive range of sweet Italian delicacies created by Claudio and fellow director and renowned chef Salvatore Pepe.

CIBO Espresso is a classic Italian espresso bar established in Adelaide in 2000, which was born from a passion for authentic, quality Italian food and coffee. Today, CIBO Espresso has a presence in Adelaide and Brisbane with a total of 17 locations, with plans for further expansion.

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