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Sprout team announce new, Waymouth Street restaurant, Eleven

A new restaurant called Eleven will be opening early in 2021 thanks to Sprout’s Themis Chryssidis and Callum Hann.

Nestled in the thriving Waymouth Street Plaza, a new, modern Australian restaurant is set to sprout.

Sprout’s founding members, Themis Chryssidis and Callum Hann, have confirmed they will be opening a new restaurant called Eleven.

Chryssidis said he was ready to create Eleven elsewhere, but at the last second fell in love with the Waymouth Street Plaza location.

“It’s funny, we were approached about several different sights and the Waymouth location was the last one to contact us,” Chryssidis says.

“I went to the Waymouth location with a level of confidence thinking we would be working elsewhere, but when I arrived I thought to myself, oh my god, I have to be here. I knew this is the site I need to be involved with.”

Recently opening their Barossa located restaurant, Lou’s, Chryssidis and Hann have already said to expect a completely different experience at Eleven.

“It’s going to be a completely different vibe to Lou’s in the Barossa,” Chryssidis says.

“A different restaurant, atmosphere and food. But it’s going to be refined, approachable, sophisticated, and fun.

“Waymouth is a unique space, so the offering has to be unique especially in the Adelaide CBD.”

Eleven will look to champion South Australia, focusing on delivering some of the state’s best produce.

“It’s going to be modern Australian with genuine, proud South Australian food,” Chryssidis says.

“We’re proud of the amazing quality of produce and environment South Australia provides, and we will look to champion South Australian products, but it’s going to be focused on quality.

“We’ll be taking the best quality foods from around. That’s really important to us.

“Our wine list will be extensive to the food on the menu. Again, we will hero South Australia as much as possible, but it’s all about quality.”

There is a very well-established and accomplished chef on board for the project, whose name is yet to be announced.

Chryssidis is giving no hints on who it will be, but has the utmost respect for the chef.

“It’s a chef that we have worked with in the past,” Chryssidis says.

“For me, it’s not just about a quality chef, but a quality person as well. This is a person we have worked with and are confident in who will help bring our vision to life.

“We have a huge amount of respect for this person. They have worked in excellent South Australian restaurants, but the name cannot be disclosed (laughs).

“It’s very exciting. He will produce food that people will be very excited with.”

The restaurant section of Eleven will launch at a later date. But, the bar area will be open for a refreshment in the excellent weather.

“Eleven will look to be launched in January/February 2021,” Chryssidis says.

“The bar which is in the plaza area, that will be open in November 2020.

“It’s going to be a cool, new place for people to have a few drinks. Christmas parties and end of year functions will be welcome.

“We’ll be captialising on the beautiful weather around that time. Waymouth Street is such a wonderful, thriving place at that time of year. With all the great surrounding restaurants, it’s a great time to be opening there.”

Eleven is set to open at 11 Waymouth Street.

Stay tuned for more information.

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