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ST. ALi Italian Film Festival : The Goddess of Fortune

When their long-time friend leaves her two children with Alessandro and Arturo they are in the middle of a break-up. Will their relationship survive this extra burden?


Turkish-Italian director and writer, Ferzan Ozpetek doesn’t shy away from the darker and messier aspects of human nature.

In his latest feature, The Goddess of Fortune, he examines the relationship between Alessandro and Arturo as it begins to wane after many years. Just as they are starting to unravel, their old friend Annamaria arrives, with her two young children in tow. Once a lover of Alessandro’s, she introduced him to Arturo, and enjoyed the occasional threesome with them. When circumstances leave the children in Alessandro and Arturo’s care, the cracks in all their relationships widen.

Along with Silvia Ranfagni and Gianni Romoli, Ozpetek has written a dynamic, authentic, and very grown-up, screenplay. And the cast he has assembled clearly revel in the characters and words handed to them, delivering universally fine performances.

Italian star and festival favourite Stefano Accorsi gives us an Alessandro who is both vulnerable and determined. He is a character who oozes love, and seems bemused to find himself in a situation where that love might go south. Accorsi matches beautifully with popular television actor Edoardo Leo as Arturo. Completing the trio at the heart of the story is Jasmine Trinca, who is impeccable as Annamaria. Trinca has just directed her first short Being My Mum.

Outstanding cinematography is delivered by Gian Filippo Corticelli who has collaborated with Ozpetek on several previous films.

This is a beautiful, moving, often funny, and always humane cinematic work. Although it could never be labelled as a feel-good movie, this is a film with heart, truth, and hope, without a whisper of corn or false sentimentality.

The Goddess of Fortune is currently screening as part of the ST. ALi Italian Film Festival at Palace Nova Cinemas. It also screens alongside Jasmine Trinca’s Being My Mum.

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