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Staazi & Co Sets Up Shop With NEW Storefront

Food truck Staazi & Co is famed for bringing fabulous, Greek vegan food to the streets of Adelaide. It is now going brick and mortar in Grenfell Street.

Staazi & Co is the mobile food truck famed for bringing fabulous, Greek vegan food to the streets of Adelaide. Launched by Anastasia Lavrentiadis in 2017, the business’s first stop was the Vegan Festival. Lavrentiadis soon found there was a high demand for tasty, vegan fast food. The moveable Staazi & Co is now set to go brick and mortar, taking up shop in Grenfell Street. 

“I was always opposed to the idea of having a static store,” says Lavrentiadis. “I love the freedom of being mobile.” 

The reason for the expansion is partly due to demand, and partly due to Lavrentiadis’s plans to travel in the coming months.

“I felt like we still needed to provide,” she says. “I didn’t want to let our customers down, or our staff.”

Now that it’s actually happening, Lavrentiadis is excited about Staazi & Co’s evolution. She says initially the store will be open for three days a week, with plans to extend both the hours and menu once she returns from her trip (coincidently, to Greece). 

“We’re starting off with our regular menu,” says Lavrentiadis. She is referring to the yiros, Abs, and loaded fries well-known by Staazi & Co regulars. “When I come back we’ll of course look at increasing our offering.”

The food truck will not be operating whilst Lavrentiadis is travelling, but will be back in business upon her return. The idea is to have both the brick and mortar store and the food truck running simultaneously. 

Details are still to be revealed but Lavrentiadis tells me she is looking at a July opening date. 

We’re waiting with bated breath (and rumbling tummies). 

Stay tuned for details. 

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