Start 2022 with a new family member – record numbers of animals in RSPCA SA care

RSPCA SA is hoping the festive spirit extends to animals in need as record numbers of animals in care has the charity at maximum stretch.

As 2021 draws to a close, the numbers of animals in care with RSPCA South Australia are at record levels.

More than 1,100 animals are in RSPCA SA care across the state, just over half of them living with volunteer
foster carers.

Compared to the same time last year, there are:

  • Almost double the number of cats and kittens (750)
  • More than three times as many rabbits (94)
  • 30% more dogs and puppies (144)

The remaining animals are a mix of birds, guinea pigs and horses, the latter mainly in protective custody
awaiting the outcome of ongoing prosecution cases.

Reasons for the high numbers include:

  • Recent multiple animal intakes via inspectorate and rescue team (mainly felines, but also birds and puppies)
  • Ongoing kitten season (284 kittens in foster care, 70% of them too young to desex and make available to adopt)
  • The organisation’s priority on maintaining a high rehoming rate, even if animals require extended time in care before being ready to find new homes

“Nine out of every ten animals coming into our care is either being rehomed or reunited with owners, and while that is something to celebrate, the flipside is the potential to become overloaded,” RSPCA SA spokesperson Carolyn Jones said.

“We need to keep moving animals through the system, whether that be into temporary foster homes or forever adoptive homes.

“At present we have too many animals in our main Lonsdale shelter, which is putting a strain on staff, especially as many of our animal-care volunteers are on holidays.

“If people are unsure about their capacity to care for an animal, a great way to give it a trial-run is to foster an animal.

“That way, you get to find out from our knowledgeable staff what is involved, all the care costs are covered and your job is to provide a loving temporary home.

“A lot of foster animals end up being adopted by their carers, a very happy outcome that we call a ‘foster fail’.”

New animals become available to adopt every day, and their details can be found online at

RSPCA SA’s Lonsdale shelter at 25 Meyer Rd is open every day except today and New Year’s Day, from 10am to 4pm.

Adoption appointments can be booked online or by phoning 1300 477 722.

Information about fostering an animal can be found here –
Donations to RSPCA’s Christmas Appeal can be made here –

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