Steven ter Horst Chocolatier Launches Unley Studio

Last Thursday (3/3/2011) marked the official industry launch of fine artisan chocolate studio, Steven ter Horst CHOCOLATIER.

Appropriately located opposite boutique shopping complex The Metro in leafy Malvern, Steven’s take on chocolate is a new and exciting addition to South Australia’s flare for fine food that must be experienced!

Upon entering the studio, the customer is met with what can only be described as a rustic ambience generated by warm lighting, polished timber floors, hand crafted tables made with 100 year-old floorboards, pacifying music and of course the feature chocolate display which seems to go on forever. The enticing aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and display of decadent desserts complete this picture of tranquillity.

Chocolate is the centrepiece of the establishment but it is not the only feat of artisan excellence on offer. The studio caters for a wide range of niche market tastes, including house made sparkling lemonade, orange and ginger drinks, various flavours of loose-leaf specialty tea, petit gateaux, macarons and undoubtedly some of the finest rainforest alliance single origin coffee sourced from The Coffee Barun.

Steven’s mission is to encapsulate the very essence of traditional European handmade chocolate production, in combination with the highest quality South Australian produce. A special emphasis is placed on the flavours of the Adelaide Hills region where he was raised.  It is Steven’s belief that through this blend of components he is able to create something truly unique and exciting for Adelaide.

Tasting is believing so come in and see what all the fuss is about!

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