Stop Everything. New York’s Rainbow Bagels Have Arrived In Adelaide

If you ever wanted to eat the world’s most beautiful bagel, you have until Thursday.

Remember the massive internet hype over the world’s most beautiful (rainbow) bagels from New York? The YouTube clip that did the rounds recently (check it out below) had us all lusting after something just beyond our reach. Well never fear Adelaide, the ingenious peeps over at The Baigelry have brought the goodness to us. Since opening their doors in 2015 as part of the Renew Adelaide revival of Topham Mall, the team at The Beigelry have been dishing up some delectable treats for those of us on the hunt for lunch time treats. This latest savory (vegan) addition is only on the menu until Thursday though, so if you’re instagram feed needs some brightening up, we know where you’ll need to head.

Rainbow Bagel

Image courtesy of The Beigelry



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