Stranded show operators to host free Family Carnival at Edwards Park

The gates will open this weekend to present Adelaide with a Family Carnival complete with thrill rides, children’s rides, toffee apples and fairy floss.

After the sudden cancellation of the Royal Adelaide Show, two Carnival Family operators found themselves land-locked within SA borders with Adelaide’s very own Family Carnival opening this Friday and due to continue for three epic weekends of family fun.

Traveling over 3,000 kilometres with thousands of buckets of fairy floss, toffee apples, plush toys, and rides they were looking forward to a big show, particularly after so many agricultural show cancellations this past 18-months. 

For Bell’s Amusements, a fourth generation travelling show family, their business must go on. 

So they’ve been busy pitching their tents, assembling rides and sideshows at Edward Park, Anzac Highway. 

Offering some new thrill rides including ‘No Limits’ and ‘The Mattahorn’ (new to the Adelaide circuit), Super Sizzler and Drift Dodgems, a Ferris Wheel and more the event will cater for families of all ages, teenagers and young adults. 

Over ten popular children’s rides including the Magical Tea Cups, The Dragon Wagon and Santa Fe Train will be operating, including carnival games and all manner of show food. Over forty casual staff from Adelaide have been employed to help bring the show to life, and SA food trucks will be participating. 

“Our industry has supported agricultural shows for over 180 years, whether it’s in Broome or Byron Bay or anywhere in between we’re very adaptable, but the last 18-months has been a challenge” says Carnival Director, Selina Bell. 

“We’re excited to be getting back to work and to be able to put on a show that represents a fun family atmosphere. We’re inviting local suppliers who’ve been affected by the Royal Adelaide Show cancellation to also participate and we’re chatting with several SA companies at the moment. 

If anyone who would like to be involved please contact us, like they say we’re in this together.” 

Entry is free with a capacity for 1,000 people per session. 

For more details visit the Facebook page here.

The Family Carnival opens this Friday at Edwards Park, Anzac Highway, for three weekends from Friday at 4pm.

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