Strong positive for Adelaide CBD wastewater test prompts Festival warning

Wastewater testing has found a strong positive result in Adelaide’s CBD. It was detected following testing in the area on Thursday and Friday night.

Today Minster Wade gave a press conference with Dr Chris Lease, Deputy Chief Medical Officer from SA Health regarding a COVID-19 update for South Australia.

There are no new COVID-19 cases in South Australia today, with 3 active cases remaining.

The reason for today’s press conference was to update the public that wastewater testing has found a strong positive result in Adelaide’s CBD. It was detected following testing in the area on Thursday and Friday night.

The positive COVID-19 wastewater results have been detected in the Adelaide CBD (B11) and Bolivar catchment. The B11 catchment does not include the dedicated COVID-19 positive medi-hotel facility. These positive results may be linked to old cases in other medi-hotels, however, further investigations are underway. To rule out undetected cases is our community, this is a timely reminder for all South Australians to seek testing as soon as possible if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild. This applies especially if you have recently been in the Adelaide CBD.

The investigations will continue over the course of today and tomorrow and they anticipate that replicate sampling results will be available later tomorrow.

As we are in the middle of the festival season, Dr Lease stressed that this positive wastewater result is a timely reminder for people to be aware and vigilant of Coronavirus in the community.

The risk of the virus hasn’t left our state, and it’s important for people to not only monitor symptoms quite closely, and not to attend events or go out, but stay at home and get tested if they do find themselves with some of the symptoms, such as a sore throat, fever or chills, loss of taste or smell, and so on.

It’s particularly important at this time, given that we have a number of events going on, that people also observe the covid-safe measures that have been implemented as part of the event’s COVID Management Plans. Things like social distancing, using QR codes, and also listening to the instructions of the COVID Marshals at those particular events.

If we want to continue enjoying the festival season and the events, it’s crucial to following the covid-safety guidelines in place.

Returning to monitoring symptoms, Dr Lease stressed that testing rates have dropped. While they are seeing respiratory symptoms across Adelaide from their surveying, around only 30% of those people with symptoms are getting tested. That’s why it’s vital that those people with symptoms need to get tested and stay home until results come through.

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