Stuck For Ideas This Halloween? Here's The Steps To Nailing Harley Quinn

Stuck For Ideas This Halloween? Here’s The Steps To Nailing Harley Quinn

Halloween is here… or maybe you just like dressing up. Regardless, who doesn’t want to look like Margot Robbie?


Halloween is a thing in Australia, right? Look, even if it’s simply a matter of cultural appropriation, at the very least we can all agree that dressing up is a lot of fun. And it’s in that spirit that we were looking at the sort of characters who we wanted to be at the next opportunity we got…

And Harley Quinn is at the top of that list.

But we’re not make up experts, rather just enthusiastic users. So we sought out some expert advice from Napoleon Perdis for how to absolutely the Suicide Squad member’s make up. And they might have included a few of their product equivalents for good measure. Margot Robbie once commented that her on-set transformation into Harley Quinn’s character was one of the most unpleasant experiences she’d had to go through as an actress. We guarantee you, this transformation will be far less of a hassle!

Margot Robbie1. Begin your look by applying a hydrating primer all over the skin to keep your base in place.
Why not try – Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Skin Primer

2. Open up the eyes and add drama by applying jet black mascara to the top and lower lashes and adding a dark brown/black pencil into the brows.
Give this a go – Eye Pencil Onyx Factor

3. Give the skin a washed out, grungy look by applying your favourite foundation but setting it using a white eye shadow instead of powder or bronzer; the aim with the skin is to achieve a really matte and eerie look.
This should help – Color Disc, Angel Dust

4. Nail the rebellious rock star eye look by applying a matte electric blue eye shadow on one eye and a matte cherry pink eye shadow to the other eye. The trick is to not be too perfect with your application as it should look a bit disheveled. Blend a little eyeshadow under each eye for a really dramatic effect. Then line and define your eyes using a black pencil on the top and lower lash line and add a love heart under one of your eyes.
These get the job done – Color Disc, Scarlett Woman & Premium Denim

5. Create a killer red pout by generously coating a creamy red lipstick all over the lip. Next to ensure the edge is crisp and clean, line lips last using a matching red lipstick.
The finishing touch – DeVine Goddess Lipstick Aphrodite

Nailed it.

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