Students Join Campaign For Equal Pay

seatsUniversity of Adelaide students will join the campaign for equal pay for women on Friday, 21 May, 12‑2pm on the Barr Smith Lawns.

Male and female students will dress up as various professionals – lawyer, engineer, doctor – to highlight the pay differences across sectors. The event will include peak organisations and trade unions, with a speech from Australian Services Union Branch Secretary, Katrine Hildyard, at 1pm and a workshop from SA Unions Secretary, Janet Giles, at 3pm.

“The average female graduate earns 6.38% less per annum than the average male graduate,” said Sarah Anderson, Women’s Officer on the Student Representative Council.

“The most shocking examples are female Architecture and Building graduates who earn on average $6,800 less than male graduates, while female Law graduates earn on average $4,400 less and female Arts graduates earn on average $5,000 less. The list goes on.”

“85% of community sector workers are women; women who are committed to the work they do providing high quality services to some of the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Katrine Hildyard, ASU Branch Secretary.

“The Australian Services Union has launched a federal pay equity case to ensure that work community sector workers undertake is valued. We are campaigning with other Unions, women’s organisations, employers, peak bodies, student organisations and all interested in pay equity to secure government funding for the pay equity case outcomes.”

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