Studio Exhale, Adelaide’s newest destination for wholistic wellness, opens in Thebarton

Adelaide’s newest sanctuary for holistic wellness—Studio Exhale, offers a unique blend of modern luxury and ancient practices.

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Adelaide has welcomed a new destination for holistic wellness with the official opening of Studio Exhale in Thebarton. Founder Chloe Robinson, driven by her own personal wellness journey, has launched what aims to be Adelaide’s leading wellness space, combining traditional practices with modern luxuries.

Located on George Street, the purpose-designed studio was created by celeb interior designer Crystal Bailey. Known for her work with high-profile clients, Bailey has crafted a contemporary setting that stands out in Adelaide’s wellness scene.

Studio Exhale is equipped with modern facilities and offers a variety of holistic services. These include reformer Pilates, breathwork sessions, massages, and reiki alignment, a collaboration made possible through a partnership with Chloe Selin of Flourish & Flo.

The studio also features advanced wellness technologies including an Infra-Red Sauna and a Cold Plunge pool. These facilities are part of Studio Exhale’s commitment to providing a comprehensive wellness experience combining luxury with personalisation.

Chloe Robinson described the inspiration behind Studio Exhale, sharing “Studio Exhale was born from a deeply personal need to prioritise self-care and wellness.”

“Like many, I’ve faced my own battles with mental health, navigating the challenges of life while juggling the demands of being a mum and a business owner,” says Chloe. “I’ve seen psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and other health practitioners, but it was during a particularly challenging period that I had a profound realisation.”

“Part of the reason I was struggling was because I had always placed myself last.”

“It was during this time I had an opportunity to reflect and prioritise self-care and bring awareness to what needed healing,” Chloe adds. “I booked into a retreat and spent 3 weeks immersing myself in Pilates, ice baths, sauna sessions, massages, breathwork and meditations. It was a pivotal time in my life—a step towards reclaiming my well-being and rediscovering balance and trust within myself.”

She detailed the significance of her retreat experience in facilitating a pivotal shift in her life, which ultimately inspired her to create a similar sanctuary in Adelaide.

“When I came back home, I realised there was nothing quite like the retreat that could offer the same sanctuary and focus on total wellbeing. That’s when I decided to create Studio Exhale,” Robinson explained.

Studio Exhale is designed to be more than just a place for physical wellness; it aspires to be a community where individuals can find balance and tranquillity. Attention to detail is paramount in the services offered. The studio aims to ensure that each visit profoundly impacts the visitor, focusing on a holistic approach to health.

The opening of Studio Exhale marks the beginning of what Robinson hopes will be a central hub for community members to engage in their health and well-being actively. She envisions the studio as an accessible retreat that offers respite from daily stress and fosters an environment of health and mindfulness.

With its doors now open, Robinson is inviting the public to experience Studio Exhale and embark on a personal journey towards wellness. The studio’s comprehensive approach to health is intended to empower guests to prioritise their well-being in a supportive and luxurious environment.

For further details about Studio Exhale, including opening specials and more on the services provided, visit their website at

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