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instantlanguageA unique, new brand of style and sophistication has arrived on The Parade at Norwood.

Fashion and accessories boutique, Instant Language, is the new kid on the block and is already fitting in amongst the existing elegance and panache of one of Adelaide’s favourite high streets.

New York fashionista, Marcela Nonaj is responsible for bringing Instant Language to The Parade and says the eclectic collection is aimed at ladies who prefer a classy look.

“My main inspiration is a classy style. We do casual wear, evening wear and a bit of high end as well. I just love a classy look because it never goes out. The fashion on the parade is already beautiful but we are bringing something new, different and eclectic. It’s a cooled down style,” she said.

The style may be cooled down, but Marcela’s brands are from some of the hottest designers in the USA and Europe.

“We have stock mostly from America but we have brands from Europe as well. We have Lauren Vidal from Paris, Teatum Jones from London and pieces from California and New York,” she said.

Marcela travels back and forth to the USA to find unique pieces and accessories to fill her tri-level boutique in the tranquil end of The Parade.

Situated opposite the hip Bath Hotel, Instant Language features three levels of ladies clothing and accessories for varying occasions and Marcela and her staff are on hand to assist with style advice.

Marcela says the name, Instant Language came from the notion that a person’s style can be recognised and admired in an instant and that fashion is a universal language.

“Fashion is a language for everybody. We don’t really need to speak anything else. It is what it is,” she said.

Having only just moved here from overseas with her husband, New York born and bred Marcela is enjoying the Adelaide lifestyle, in particular, the people and atmosphere of The Parade.

“I love that people are always out and about. Everything is always running well and is busy. It’s like Hollywood Boulevard,” she said.

And with her fashion and accessories knowledge, Marcela is keen to style the ladies of Adelaide and find out what they would like to see on her clothing racks.

“The more I get to know the customers and clientele, the more I will know what to bring in that the customers want. We are open to bringing in different things and I am open to suggestions on what they would like to see in the store. I am doing more research on new brands and unique pieces from around the world,” she said.

Instant Language is set to attract ladies with a keen eye for style and a desire for unique, classy clothing which will set them apart, and Marcela is excited about helping her clients achieve that through her love and knowledge of fashion.

Shop 1/215 The Parade, Norwood SA, Ph (08) 8364 5918

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