Style Your Home Into The New Season With Sarah Shanahan’s Top Tips

The Instagram sensation/home decorating queen gives us her handy tips on how to take your home into Autumn/Winter…

With a new season comes new homewares. Oh, is that not a saying? Well it should be… As Autumn really starts to kick in here in Adelaide, the nights are cooling down we are seeing the last of what was a long and sunshiny Summer. We think that this turn of weather should only mean that a shopping trip is in order…

Really, we are being rational. No longer will you need the lighter linen and the rugs hidden away, as the temperature drops we want all of the warm and fuzzy things. Plus a new colour pallet throughout your house will welcome the new season with open arms.

So we hit up our resident, and self confessed, homewares addict Sarah Shanahan (check out her amazing Instagram account here) to find out her tips and tricks for styling your home into the new season…

It is no secret that I love for all things homewares. And with all of the gorgeous stores around Adelaide filling up with stylish products from the recent trade fairs in Sydney, it is most definitely time to start shopping and get your house Autumn/Winter ready.

My five picks for must haves in your home this AW season are:

Kate & Kate Throw

Add some warmth to your home with a throw. Splurge and go for something like The Helena Alpaca Blanket.

Kate & Kate

Bonnie and Neil Cushions

A great way to introduce some Autumn colours into your home is by adding some new cushions to your couch…Bonnie and NeilArmadillo & Co. Rug

People often overlook rugs but I think they are a must. Not only can they pull together the entire look of a room, but they also inject a feeling of warmth to a space.


Normann Copenhagen Pendant

Lighting is important as the colder months hit, for obvious reasons… It gets darker! Add some more light to your home with these amazing pendants…

Normann Cop


Anything Zakkia

Like I said, anything! I’m not fussy, I will have it all please and thank you!


I also love to introduce gorgeous goodies from around the globe into my home. If I can’t get to Morocco or Brazil then I bring them to me!

And my tip on how to not be totally overwhelmed by where or how to start? That would be to come shopping with me! I consider myself a shopping expert and I have carefully sourced the coolest stores in and around Adelaide from which I will help you choose the perfect buys for you and your home.

My shopping tours include a little bit of everything with homewares channeling all vibes. From Scandinavian to eclectic, I have all homewares covered to suit any taste and style. But really it is the amazing stores that have you covered.

Oh did I also mention that we lunch at The Stirling Hotel on this tour. Hey when shopping a girl has gotta eat, right!

Also included: chauffeured bus, morning tea, Champagne, in store discounts and a goodie bag.

Get involved before Autumn and Winter are all but gone (the year is going that quickly)…

Sarah’s Shopping Tour 

Upcoming dates –

April 16: Seats available
May 21: SOLD OUT
June 25: limited seats available

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