Summer Sounds (and its festival pods) are a huge success

The restriction-mindful festival could be the new normal for COVID-time concerts.

Summer Sounds Festival has revealed new acts and added two person party pods for this weekend. Click here to find all about it.

Photos by Saige Prime

The Summer Sounds festival kicked off last week, with ticket holders partying in their COVID-safe pods. Though music festivals of the past were crowded and mosh pit-prone, Summer Sounds managed to COVID-proof the event––and guests had a blast.

“Well that was fun!” artist Emma Hack wrote on Facebook alongside photos of the Bonyathon Park event. “Swift service with a smile, clean toilets, great production and all our fave djs playing tunes… LOVED IT!”

Event organisers worked with SA Health officials to ensure attendees abided by pandemic restrictions, assigning guests to colour-coded party pods and encouraging online drink and food orders. Another Summer Sounds guest took to Facebook to voice how impressed she was by the well-run, COVID-safe event.

 “It was the BEST,” she wrote. “Seamless entry, dedicated toilets for each coloured zone, drinks ordered via an app delivered to our pod, water stations, no line ups… the BEST VIBE,” she wrote.

Adelaide resident Jamie Jaensch was initially worried that Summer Sounds wouldn’t be as fun amid restrictions, but the spatial restrictions actually bettered her experience.  

“Personally, that is why I really enjoyed [the festival]––because I had my own space,” she said.

Jaensch thinks the festival should serve as an example for COVID-safe concerts to come.

“I definitely think other festivals could look at this for inspiration as it is super safe and there didn’t seem to be any issues with it,” she said.

If you’re planning on going to Summer Sounds’ next shows, you’re in for a treat. Here’s what you need to know before you go.

Yes, you can dance!

Although dancing has been restricted at many bars in SA throughout the pandemic, dancing and drinking are allowed in the Summer Sounds festival pods.

Order drinks online!

In order to better comply with social distancing, guests can purchase and even pre-purchase drinks online. To order drinks ahead of time, guests can purchase up to four drinks on their Moshtix account. It’s a cashless event, and attendees can buy drinks on the MyVenue app to have them delivered right to their pod!

Arrive on time!

As there is only one ticket issued per pod, guests need to wait for their entire pod to arrive before they enter their area. Once they’ve arrived, attendees will need to scan the COVID Safe Check-In code and their digital ticket.

What to bring

Guests are encouraged to bring their own empty water bottles, sunscreen and any picnic rugs or cushions. Solid foods are also permitted, but there are food vendors on site as well. Alcohol, drinks of any kind, umbrellas and professional film equipment are not permitted.

Ok, now you’re good to go enjoy Mallrat, Cub Sport, Sycco and more! For more information, read here.

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