NEW: Summertown Studio: The Creative Hub Adelaide Has Been Waiting For

This May, a new co-working, event, exhibition, creative hub is coming to Adelaide.

Photos by Jack Fenby

As a former regular in the freelance world, I am no stranger to the exasperated looks thrown by café owners when you’ve been sitting at the same desk for five hours and have only ordered one measly latte. For that reason, amongst others, my ears always prick up when a co-working space comes to light, particularly one as innovative and close to the ocean as Summertown Studio. Fellow freelancers, creatives, and coffee/wine/plant-lovers in general – you’re going to want to pay attention to this one. 

In the heart of a repurposed warehouse, close by the sea in Somerton Park, you’ll find the utterly lovely Summertown Studio. Set to open on the 11thMay, this is the brainchild of Porch Sessions founder Sharni Honor and fellow entrepreneur Sarah Bradford. 

Photo Credit: Jack Fenby

“We’re both local to the area and have been working for ourselves for several years,” says Bradford. “We felt there was a real need to create a place for people to get together, work together, and push out product.”

Bradford and Honor intend for the warehouse to be versatile. Not only is it a place for co-working or hot-desking, it will also play host to a number of exciting events and exhibitions as the year continues.

“The idea to is nurture small businesses and local makers,” continues Bradford. “I have my own small business and one of the trickiest aspects is getting your product out into the world in a way that works for both the business and the shop owner. The shopfront element of the warehouse works on a consignment basis with a great return to the makers.”

Photo Credit: Jack Fenby

The space boasts a well-curated, vintage aesthetic and an openness rare to most creative haunts. The multitude of plants and neutral, calming tones of the interior bode well for the productivity of future inhabitants. With coffee and wine aplenty on offer, Summertown Studio might just be the unique creative hub Adelaide has been craving. 

“It’s a beautifully curated space with some of our favourite people and products,” Bradford finishes. “It’s everything we could have possibly wanted.”

Oh, and you can bring your dog. 

Summertown Studio is at 13 Paringa Ave, Somerton Park SA.

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