Support Glam Adelaide Books Editor’s Fundraiser As He Heads To Teach In Nepal

Rod will be volunteering at a remote school which is supported by a non-profit social enterprise that offers services to struggling families in rural areas.

One of Glam Adelaide’s most loyal volunteers, Rod Lewis, is off to Nepal and needs our help.

Rod has been a devoted volunteer at Glam Adelaide for about ten years, and is the current books editor. During this time, he has supported thousands of Australian performers through his succinct and positive reviews, promoting underground artists and giving voice to those who need it most.

Defining Rod as a philanthropist would be somewhat of an understatement.

He has offered his services to asylum seekers and refugees for over a decade, continuously going above and beyond what’s expected to support the strong network of people he has met through his countless selfless acts.

The time has come for Rod to take his altruism overseas, and we are sure Nepal will be grateful.

Nepal is among the most underdeveloped countries in the world with one third of its population living in poverty.

This October, Rod will be volunteering at a remote school in the Gorkha district of the Himalayas, which is supported by CMC (Cocina Mitho Chha), a non-profit social enterprise in Kathmandu that offers their services to struggling families and children living in rural areas.

The program provides scholarships for young people from orphanages, remote villages and poor families that focus on training young people for an occupation in hospitality – the fastest way to set them up for a job due to Nepal’s growing tourism industry.

CMC’S funds come predominantly from their own restaurant, B&B and fees from paying students.

Along with these funds, Rod is striving to raise an additional $2,000 for the organisation. Thus far, he has raised an incredible $1,400.

He has set up a Go Fund Me page that you can check out here.

This money will provide full scholarships for Nepali orphans or teenagers in low income families.

From this, they will have access to professional teachers, on-the-job training, a uniform and educational materials. 

Any donation will be greatly appreciated by Rod and the team here at Glam, and more importantly by Nepal, so if you have a spare moment, head to his Go Fund Me page and donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/two-scholarships-for-disadvantaged-youth-in-nepal

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