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Sushi Block open fun new boutique restaurant in Rundle Mall

New sushi train style restaurant Sushi Block has opened in Rundle Mall with all plates at a fixed $3.95.

Images: Sushi Block

In the heart of the vibrant Rundle Mall, a new boutique sushi-train style restaurant called Sushi Block has opened its doors to the public.

Stepping into Sushi Block is like entering a retro gaming paradise. The restaurant’s décor, adorned with pixelated artwork reminiscent of pixel art, immediately transports you to the nostalgic world of 90s video games. There’s even a lego-style iconic gaming villain Bowser sitting up with other lego constructions lining the walls.

“We have children the interior style is definitely inspired by their love of gaming. I love gaming as well, my whole childhood has been playing games with my brother who now works in the industry, so it just made sense. We want it to be a fun atmosphere and a place kids can enjoy as well as adults,” co-owner Stella says.

At Sushi Block, simplicity reigns supreme. Say goodbye to the confusion of colour-coded pricing plates commonly found in conveyor belt sushi restaurants.

Here, every dish on the conveyor belt comes at a fixed price of just $3.95 per plate, regardless of its colour or contents. This pricing model ensures that diners can indulge in their favourite sushi delights without any unexpected surprises.

“I used to hate going to sushi venues and being stressed about picking up something that’s pricey from the conveyor belt. Here that’s not an issue. We do have more pricey options, but you order through a QR code so there’s no confusion,” Stella says.

The concept is akin to the popular Sushi Train, offering a straightforward and affordable sushi dining experience that caters to all tastes and preferences.

Sushi Block provides a welcome respite for shoppers and city workers, offering a chance to recharge and refuel amidst the busy Rundle Mall atmosphere. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or a casual diner, Sushi Block has something to offer everyone.

“My husband has a passion for making sushi, he has always wanted to open a store like this. We’ve tried to make it a bit different from other sushi locations, with creative options on the menu as well,” Stella says.

“We also have a takeaway section out the front with quick grab and go service.”

Whether you’re a fan of classic sushi rolls or eager to try something new, Sushi Block offers a diverse array of options on its conveyor belt.

The venue has plastered a 3D-style sign stating that they don’t serve pufferfish. Pufferfish, also known as Fugu in Japan, is the world’s most delicate, expensive and dangerous fish and has been served in sashimi for decades. It’s a luxury food ingredient in Japan, and can only be prepared by specially licensed chefs because of the toxins stored within its body. Never fear, no poison at Sushi Block.

It’s the perfect spot to gather with friends, family, or colleagues to enjoy some Japanese cuisine in a uniquely designed setting.

“We want to cater to everyone from shoppers, to workers to whole families,” Stella says.

Sushi Block
Where: 6A Rundle Mall
Monday: 8am to 6pm
Tuesday: 8am to 6pm
Wednesday: 8am to 6pm
Thursday: 8am to 6pm
Friday: 8am to 9pm
Saturday: 8am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 6pm
More info: Click here

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