Sushi Fries Exist And They’re Available All Weekend At This Adelaide Cafe

These sushi fries are coming out of Nagev, a completely plant-based cafe on Payneham Road.


Feature image courtesy of @nagevadl

It reaches 3.30pm on a Friday and our brains seem to opt out of working, it’s an extremely common phenomenon that is only cured by excessive cups of coffee and the random announcement that something incredible exists.

That something incredible this Friday is… SUSHI FRIES.

Before you turn with scoff and a moan about how ridiculous sushi fries sound, pause for a moment. They’re coming out of Nagev, which is a completely plant-based cafe on Payneham Road.

In a Facebook post, Nagev have announced that they’re serving sushi fries all weekend (or till they sell out). Filled with rice, teriyaki tofu with fried asparagus and served with miso sesame mayonnaise.

These bad boys are topped with picked ginger, avocado, sesame seeds and matcha salt.

Nagev is open from Tuesday through to Sunday, they also have dessert nights on Thursdays and Fridays with a changing menu. They also offer cakes to order, catering, and plenty of gluten-free options.

You can find Nagev at 190 Payneham Road, Adelaide, South Australia 5069.

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