Sweeping changes to Australian road rules begin for electric vehicles, cyclists, child restraints and more

Road rules are changing, including restrictions on non-standard child restraints, regulations for electric vehicles, and changes to U-turn rules.

The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Tom Koutsantonis MP, has announced a slew of changes to the Australian Road Rules that will take effect this week. The modifications encompass updates to electric vehicle parking regulations, child restraint laws, and other road safety measures.

The State Government has lifted restrictions on the sale and utilisation of distinctive non-standard child restraints. This move aims to simplify the process for parents and carers of children with a medical condition or disability, allowing them easier access to specially-designed restraints. Following active advocacy from organisations such as Mobility and Accessibility for Children in Australia Ltd (MACA), parents and carers are no longer obligated to have their vehicle and its associated child restraint inspected. However, while driving, they must have a certificate from a medical practitioner.

In addition, two new parking offences related to electric vehicles have been introduced. Firstly, non-electric cars are not allowed to park in designated areas for electric vehicles, an offence which comes with a $75 instant fine. Secondly, it is forbidden to use a charging area without charging one’s vehicle, a contravention that incurs a fine of $111. Proceeding from the growth of electric vehicles, local councils will install signage near electric vehicle parking bays to remind drivers of the new rules.

Further updates include alterations to certain rules regarding U-turns, and giving way to cyclists and pedestrians. Additionally, it is now an offence to disrupt or interfere with funeral processions. The revisions and changes to the Australian Road Rules dictionary were sanctioned after receiving approval from Infrastructure and Transport Ministers in June 2023.

Tom Koutsantonis affirmed, “These updates to our road rules are necessary and important changes as we continue our ongoing commitment to road safety and accessibility across the state.” He also stated, “We have removed the ban on the sale of non-standard child restraints, streamlining the process for parents and carers to obtain appropriate, safe and tailored restraints for children with a medical condition or disability.” He deems these amendments as practical changes that align with the State Government’s vision for safer roads and better support for families across the state.

The Australian Road Rules, comprising over 350 national rules and some state variations, serve as a comprehensive body of laws managing the use of roads, footpaths and other shared spaces in Australia. They are frequently reviewed by transport officials and police to enhance road safety.

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