Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese At These CheeseBars

With over 280 cheeses from around the world to choose from, the selection at Adelaide’s finest supermarkets CheeseBar is definitely a sight to behold!


Adelaide’s finest supermarkets didn’t earn the name because of their impressive array of cheese, but their awe-inspiring CheeseBars definitely help! With 280 cheeses from around the world to choose from, the selection is definitely a sight to behold.

It’s a trip around the world, with Spanish Machego to Italian Mozzarella and Gorgonzola, Swiss Gruyere and Emmental to French Epoisses. We understand if all those names overwhelm you a little, so the cheesemongers at Pasadena and Frewville Foodland are there to help you whether you’re looking to make that dinner party or need some oozy goodness for gourmet toasties. (Or you just want to eat a bunch of tasty cheese—we won’t judge!)

If you’re a cheese guru and the world of cheese on offer isn’t enough to satisfy you, not to worry! The team is happy to source products for you on request. And if you’re new to the cheese scene (or just want to try something new), the CheeseBars offer cheese tasting plates to enjoy with a glass of wine, so you can try before you buy! Cheese plates feature a variety of cheeses (they change every so often, so you can come by and try something new almost every time!) served with crackers, dried and fresh fruits and pastes.

We know it’s cheesy… but we think the CheeseBars are grate! Get it…? No…? Never mind. Go fill your shopping basket with all the cheese your heart desires at Foodland in Pasadena or Frewville! You’ll raclette it if you don’t…

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