Swim with wild dolphins in this spectacular sailing tour at Glenelg

Meet the team from Temptation Sailing outside Glenelg’s Oyster Bar for a magical experience filled with sun, sailing, and wild dolphins.

Image Credit: Temptation Sailing

Get ready to immerse yourself in SA’s spectacular marine life on The Temptation Sailing wild dolphin tour, offering you a truly unique experience.

Dolphins are a guarantee, so there’s absolutely no room for disappointment on the day. Guests will meet the team outside Glenelg’s Oyster Bar on the Marina as they lead you down to the pontoon to kick off the adventure.

Sit back and relax while one of the team’s Marine Biologists fill you in on all things dolphin-related as you venture out into the ocean. The further away from the shore you get, the more a sense of freedom will start to grow.

The experience includes two different types of swimming experiences, which guests get to select or alternate between.

If you opt for the “back swim”, you’ll climb down the ladder, jump straight into the ocean, and make your way out to the mermaid lines. With one hand gripped to the line, you’ll swim directly amongst the dolphins as they weave their way around you.   

If you find yourself taking on the “front swim”, you’ll be right up in the action. It’s safe to say you’ll feel like you’re one of the pack. Participants get the opportunity to swim on top of a net with your snorkel peeking out of the water.   

The Temptation vessel stretches a whopping 58 feet, which is spectacular in and of itself. For those who prefer to take in the action from the side-lines, don’t stress, there’s an option to sit and take in the sights from the safety of the boat.

Sessions run all week long at 8 am so be prepared to get up early to head down to the marina. With each cruise going for roughly four hours, you can really make a day out of the experience.

Whether it’s a family fun day, a holiday endeavour, or a cute date, this experience is designed to bring joy to everyone. Adult tickets are priced at $130 per person, and kids $120 to take part in the swim. If you’d prefer to keep yourself dry, tickets are $78 for adults and $68 for the kids.

More information on the event can be found on their website, and tickets can be purchased here.

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