Switch off at Urth Clay Studio’s mindful pottery workshops

Explore mindfulness therapy and get your hands dirty in a hands-on social pottery workshop at Urth Clay Studio in Burnside.

Join Urth Clay Studio in a community-based workshop to learn about the therapeutic effects of pottery.

Owner Zein Akkad discovered art therapy through the practice of pottery when she moved to Australia from Syria in 2014.

The process of pottery reinforced her empowerment and confidence and helped her restore her mental health through mindfulness.

Now she wants to share this with others, in a three-hour workshop that will allow you to switch off and forget the world around you.

The workshop is hands-on, meaning you really get to dig into the clay, de-stress and have a laugh.

Each person will take home their own pottery, whether that be a drink bottle, cup, mug or cheese board.

Workshops run on Tuesdays mornings and Friday nights for three hours, where you will be taught step by step how to create and decorate your piece.

After you’ve completed your pottery, you can sit back and enjoy a grazing platter that’s been prepared for you.

Urth Clay will fire and glaze your piece after the workshop, ready to pick up on a later date.

The classes require no experience, but if you start getting the hang of pottery, you can join their weekly sessions specialised for adventurist potters.

If you can’t make the workshops, you can purchase tools, glazes and clay to take home.

You can choose from black, grey, white, terracotta, speckled, smooth or beige clays to buy.

Urth Clay Studio also offer team building sessions, where each person will contribute to one larger sculpture to demonstrate how working together can help achieve larger goals.

When Zein began her ceramic journey she was amazed by the immense support from local ceramists and artists.

Due to this support, she has created a pay it forward system on her website to offer help to people who can’t afford to join her classes.

You can find Urth Clay Studio at 3A Hubbe Ct, Burnside SA.

To find out more or purchase a ticket, visit their website here!

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