Synrgy360 Workout Trial

My name is Cheryl, I am 32, a new mum and not very fit. Exercise usually makes me cry and not because I am happy.

So when I jokingly said I should try the new equipment after the interview I conducted on the refurbishments and additions of the Synrgy360 equipment at Next Generation Memorial Drive, I didn’t expect them to say yes!

So I thought I had better be a good sport and try it. I didn’t have anything to lose but weight!

Here’s a little bit about the Synrgy360 equipment:

Essentially it is using your own body weight to work out with an endless list of exercises – kind of like boot camp but inside.

For me exercise is about losing baby weight while taking into consideration that I have had a caesarean. And because I have never been much of an athlete you can imagine my reaction when the lovely Personal Trainer Georgia took me over to the equipment.

First thought in my head was ‘oh no she’s going to make me climb up the rope’- which for the record she didn’t do, and was never going to ask me to.

Once we got going it wasn’t so bad and although it was difficult I managed to get through it.

Here is the workout Georgia tailored for me in the hour session – everyone is different but this will give you an idea for those of you out there in a similar situation to me.

Single rope up down waves with Squat jumps

This is when you grab the rope at its end and as hard and as high as you can make continuous waves – much harder than it looks! In between each wave a squat jump.

Oblique’s medicine ball throws with Box jumps

This is when you throw a medicine ball into what looks like a mini trampoline. The key is to use your core muscles to throw and not your arms- very hard but once you get the hang of it and build momentum its great. Just have to remember to leave your arms/elbows close to your body.

Low cable row with Kettle bell swings

This was hard! The kettle ball Georgia gave me weighed 8kg, which I thought was nothing considering my son weighs 12kg but the continuous action of swinging the weight up and then keeping your body in squat position was hard but felt really good. Step up high knee step & bosu Remember when you were little and you jumped up and down on everything. Well this is not so easy when you weigh more. I couldn’t quite get this right because it was hard for me to keep my knees soft, but I tried.

Theraband ABC

You know the person in your group that always falls over, walks into people and doors and hurts their ankle all in one outing? Well in my group that’s me. So Georgia suggested an exercise designed to strengthen the ankles – psychologically. Basically you need to sit down, stretch your leg out and write the ABC with your toes. Yep it’s that easy! This creates a path in your brain to be aware of what your feet are doing while strengthening the ankle. Its good to know its not just about me being uncoordinated.

Breathing exercise

Do you remember the last time you were aware of your breathing? I know for me I never have time to just breathe, and when I do I struggle- its like I have forgotten how to do it properly. So Georgia got me to lie down on my back and breathe in for one second and out for one second and repeat through to ten seconds. And yes it makes you want to have a snooze- good exercise to do before bed.


How good does it feel when someone helps you stretch! Perfect way to end the session.

Bottom line if I can do it anyone can. So if you are like me and need a little push to train go see Georgia at Next Generation – did I mention she is lovely and thinks I look younger than 32!

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