TABOO to host fundraising art exhibition, We Bleed

The three-day exhibition features seventeen female artists including four-time Archibald finalist, Tsering Hannaford.

Image: Tsering Hannaford with TABOO Co-Founders Isobel Marshall and Eloise Hall

The SA powerhouse company striving to eradicate period poverty, TABOO, are hosting an art exhibition this November, exploring the diverse experiences of menstruating individuals through art. 

Pulling together homegrown Australian artistic talent, the We Bleed exhibition showcases amazing original artwork by an array of creatives. Each work created by the exhibiting artists explores menstruation and the socio-cultural and psychological influences that result in the individual unique experience. 

The three-day exhibition features seventeen female artists including four-time Archibald finalist, Tsering Hannaford.

Indigenous artists Codi and Kira Buckskin of Ngadli Art, eye gaze artist Grace Hemming-Price, Em Fennel and Olympia Antoniadis will also showcase work at the We Bleed exhibition. 

TABOO is hoping the exhibition aids in shattering the stigma still surrounding periods through the messages conveyed in the artwork. The curated pieces and exhibition is striving to kick start a conversation about menstruation and normalising periods. Themes running throughout the commissioned artwork include growing up, pain, sex and menopause. 

“It’s a beautiful opportunity to showcase the diversity of menstruation,” says co-founder Eloise Hall.

“The artists we’ve commissioned have been really vulnerable in the way they communicated their personal experiences of menstruation. It’s such a creative way for us to communicate our mission and fundraise to eradicate period poverty.”

The We Bleed exhibition runs between November 26 and 28 at the Mixed Goods Studio – the dynamic and multidisciplinary studio that fosters the diverse practices of designers, artists and craftspeople. Tickets are priced between $15 to $20. 

TABOO co-founder and Young Australian of the Year Isobel Marshal says she’s excited to showcase such a diverse group of artists and their experience with menstruation. 

“We Bleed aims to recognise unique experiences and encourage crowds to think more deeply about the role of menstruation in an individual’s life and society,” says Isobel. 

“We are excited to invite this diverse group of artists to share their perspective on menstruation.” 

However, the incredible initiative awareness efforts and artwork don’t stop there – TABOO has teamed up with Cup & Carry to design coffee cups to promote the We Bleed exhibition and the social enterprise’s cause. 

“It’s given us a really unique way to communicate taboo. Everyone loves to have a good chat over and it’s a great way to prompt a conversation about periods,” says Eloise.

Now you can sip your oat-milk latte from the likes of Peter Rabbit, Karma and Crow, Loc Bottle Shop in the pastel pink TABOO takeaway cups. Supporting such an important cause and drinking coffee has never looked this good!

All works will be available to purchase via silent auctions, with profits committed to TABOO’s overarching mission of eradicating period poverty. 

The We Bleed exhibition is sponsored by The Hospital Research Foundation, Cup & Carry, One Rundle Trading Co, Cowell Clarke and more. 

The We Bleed Exhibition is running from November 26 to November 28. The Friday launch kicks off Friday evening and is open from 10am to 4pm across the weekend. 

Buy your tickets to the We Bleed Exhibition here

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