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Tabula Transentia (Snapshots of a wandering mind) by Katherine Coppock

Theres_no_Tonic_by_ZalinessAdelaide artist opens her debut solo exhibition in the Higher Ground ArtCafé in April
Adelaide CBD, Thursday 1 April 2010: Katherine Coppock opens her debut solo exhibition, which will hang in the ArtCafé at Higher Ground, 9 Light Square, on April 1st 2010 at 6.30pm. The exhibition of new painted works will hang throughout April. Vividly coloured, textured and bizarre…
Tabula Transentia revolves around the fits of digression that unexpectedly come upon us. Seeing worlds through windows, this is a glimpse of a transient mind. Each image is a portal to a moment, a memory, a fantasy.
Like a photograph transports the viewer to a fragment of space or time that no longer exists, so to oo these paintings teleport the viewer into a mind space that exists only for a second, where all is surreal and anything is possible. Calling into question the nature of the art object and the ways that is it perceived, Tabula Transentia dips into expressive surrealism, portraiture, and collage, reflecting the transient nature of imagination.
Vividly coloured, textured and bizarre, the exhibition is a record of the journeys of a wandering
mind space, weaving in and out of diverse realities.

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