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Take A First Look Inside Havana Lane

Some people might remember Arcade Lane from a few years ago. Well forget what you know. It might be the same location, but this is channeling a very different idea.

A few years ago, you might remember the concert series come bar that was Arcade Lane… well even if you did know that, forget what you might know about the space. The laneway is very much shut off from Grenfell Rd, and the concept is something of an evolution.

When we first spoke about Propaganda Club back in June, we noted that it was open for one and all; the deliberate juxtaposition between the highly detailed finishes, quality of food and drink the open invitation that this location was for all of Adelaide is carried on in the spirit of Havana Lane (or Club, depending on who you ask).

Havana Club

Havana is only accessible through the Propagranda Club. You’ll venture downstairs, walk through their opulent bar and dining space and exit through a set of back access stairs, leading you up to something which is decidedly Latin in execution. The pastel shades that catch the sunshine during the daylight will give way to atmospheric lighting that avoids the naff interpretation of a Latino street bar often found in Australia, and instead channels a mood to match the background DJs and live percussion music to be on offer.

Havana Club
Havana Club
If downstairs at Propaganda is a democracy based upon what the people want, upstairs is the dictatorship which tells you what you should enjoy – not forcefully but they might have a pretty decent idea with the Rum heavy summer cocktails, and in-house created syrups and kegged cocktails – all a reflection of the attention to detail Propaganda has shown so far since opening as Adelaide’ first ever supper club.

The laneway space definitely lends itself to something less formal, which will be welcomed come the summer time. They will serve until 3am, as is the legislated custom in SA but it won’t effect the food offerings downstairs which will remain available until the sun dawns. The relationship between each space is important to Havana, because it was envisaged before Propoaganda even opened. Sitting well back from the street towards the end of the laneway, the space is deliberately visible to foot traffic yet out appears out of reach, perhaps exclusive and very much plays with the same ideas that Propaganda itself does.

It will open on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday, which will remain a night dedicated to the hospitality industry, with the already standing discount to workers to extend to the bar and help shape the community. Evening trade will remain the focus, but there will be scope to open during the day for special events, tastings, industry events and long lunches are even planned. Fringe will be another time altogether for the space, with programming to be left open to those who want to test out the space with a scope to curation as part of a the longer term vision. Because it is new, and because there are no rules, the owners are very happy to open the space to any potential collaborators with an idea that would suit.
Havana Club
Havana Club

So where to from here. Well, on 4pm Friday things are all go and there won’t be any turning back. For the mean time, this will be a venture only accessible for the warmer months but as an extension of what Propaganda have already established, they will be in it for the long all to make an impact upon Adelaide’s night life.

Havana Club is accessible through the Propaganda Club, Regent Arcade, 110 Grenfell St. Find out more and watch how the opening unfolds via their Facebook and      .

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