Take Home Dumpling Packs, Russian Soups & More With Red October’s Delivery Deals

Alongside a delicious takeaway menu, Red October are also selling “make at home” packs featuring dumplings and more.

Despite challenging times, Russian inspired bar and restaurant, Red October, is staying open every day for takeaway and delivery.

The past few weeks have seen mass restaurant closures and countless hospitality jobs lost, but the owners at Red October are determined to stay open in support of their staff. 

All employees have been kept on, despite new restrictions resulting in great suffering for the hospitality industry. Red October staff will now take on new roles for the restaurant, with those who can drive now doing food deliveries.

Alongside an awesome takeaway menu, they’re also offering dumpling delivery packs!

What kind of Russian delicacies can you order from Red October? Here’s a few of our favourites:

Russian Dumpling Packs

Choose between pork and beef (pelmeni) and potato and mushroom (vareniki). Delivered frozen for home cooking. $16 for 20 pieces.

Borsch Packs 

Borsch packs consist of beef (or vegetarian) broth, beetroot and cabbage stew, precooked beef (or potatoes) and chillies. This delicious option is slow cooked from scratch for 3-4 hours, but will only take 10 minutes to cook and assemble at home.

This delicacy is yours at home for $20 beef option and $16 vegetarian option (both serve two).

Cottage Cheese Gnocchi

One from the takeaway menu, the cottage cheese gnocchi is served in a parmesan sauce with cherry tomatoes and basil. Get it in your belly for $15.95 (and add chicken for an extra $5.50).

You can read their full takeaway menu here.

Need a bottle of wine to go with your dumplings? They’ve got you sorted there too. Read their full wine list here.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as Red October is also setting up a dessert kitchen, helping with our isolation sweet-treat cravings. 

Red October is open every day from 4-11pm and offers takeaway and delivery. 

Soon you’ll see them on Deliveroo and UberEats, but until then make sure to order directly through their website, Facebook direct message, or simply call them up the old-fashioned way!

They are currently delivering within a 10km radius, with a small fee of $5.

Catch the staff from tomorrow onwards for daily Instagram hangouts, as they make some fun out of challenging circumstances.

Phone : 08 8212 2938

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