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Take on this massive deep dish pizza challenge at Remy’s

Remy’s has announced its latest food eating challenge – the Deep Dish Destroyer! Try to win the current record of 7 minutes 42 seconds.

Hankering for a big feed? Devour this new PIZZA food challenge, presented by Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza & Bar. Remy’s is challenging Adelaide’s biggest eaters to test their guts with the DEEP DISH DESTROYER.

If you think your stomach can handle it, this challenge includes one 12″ pizza, 1 side of fries, and 1 litre of beer, cider or soft drink. The catch? You’ve got to consume it all in 20 minutes!

Attempting this challenge will knock you back $65, but if you beat the clock, it’s free. As well as a free meal, you’ll also get your polaroid featured on the Remy’s Wall of Frame. If you lose, however, your polaroid will find a home on the Remy’s Wall of Shame – so no pressure!

Josh Rivers, the brains behind C.R.E.A.M, and his father Damon, opened Remy’s in February last year.

After reaching out to Chicago’s Pequod’s Pizza (one of the most famous deep dish restaurants in America), Josh has worked to produce the most authentic version of deep dish pizza he can offer.

First originating in Chicago, deep dish pizza is a thick pizza baked in a pan and thickly layered with cheese, meat, vegetables, and sauce (in that order). Unlike New York-style pizza, the crust in very deep, creating a bulky pizza resembling a pie, rather than a flatbread.

Pictured: Vince ‘Big V’ Mantovani

Bodybuilder, powerlifter and pro eater, Vince ‘Big V’ Mantovani – who currently holds the eating record at Brighton’s iconic coffee and brunch destination C.R.E.A.M – was invited to Remy’s to be the first person to take on the challenge.

Big V demolished the Deep Dish Destroyer in a shocking 7 minutes and 42 seconds and now holds the restaurant record – holy moly!

Think you’re up for the challenge? Remy invites Adelaideans to “slide into their DMs” and “tee up a time to fail miserably”. Good luck!

Vegan and vegetarian pizzas are available for this challenge, as well as 0% beer.

Find Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza & Bar at 2-10 No Fixed Address Lane off of Rundle Mall (formerly known as Lindes Lane).

Check out Remy’s website, Facebook and Instagram.

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