Taking a Natural Approach to Parenting with Helen Edwards

Studies are starting to show how unique toys and craft materials are a crucial part of a child’s learning. Adelaide recycled design guru Helen Edwards examines the idea in her regular column.

If you are a parent like me, you will want to care for your little one’s health and wellbeing in all aspects of their lives. Your home environment, the things you choose to paint, finish and decorate it with, as well as the toys and products used by your children, are a very important part of this care. Spending time with your children, and offering them free time to play and develop their imaginations, is one of the best things you can do for their future. Try not to over schedule their time, or forget that they need time to just be, the same as us grown-ups.

Helen Edwards - Natural ParentingWhen I’m looking for inspiration I like to pop by Rainbow Tree on Magill Road, who are also passionate about natural parenting, conscious buying and safe products. It is a wonderful place to find a range of natural parenting items for children and families. My middle son went to school with the owner Rachel, and I spent a bit of time in the shop, buying modern cloth nappies, baby slings and toys, when I had my youngest baby. Stocking a wide range of organic cotton and bamboo baby clothes, blankets, swaddles and sleeping bags, slings and baby carriers, modern cloth nappies and accessories, you will find lots of things you need for your little ones. Cloth nappies have come a very long way! They are now just as effective as disposable nappies, easy to clean and maintain and look very cute! This is good for the planet and your baby.

Helen Edwards - Natural Parenting Helen Edwards - Natural Parenting Rainbow Tree also carry eco-leather shoes, fair trade craft products, bio-dynamic skincare, natural medicines, baltic amber jewellery, glass and stainless steel drink bottles, toys and school supplies to complement Steiner philosophy. Part of this philosophy, is the hands on approach to learning and the craft materials and handmade, quirky toys and games are unique to Rainbow Tree. Many of these are handmade in Adelaide. Children benefit from tactile, natural materials, and toys which are not overly structured or commercialised. It allows them to develop their own stories and games around the toys they use in their play. Recent research is showing that adults need to play too, so why not grab some materials and get crafting on a rainy Sunday. It will be some of the best memory making you will ever do for you and your children.

Helen Edwards - Natural ParentingHelen Edwards - Natural ParentingHelen Edwards - Natural ParentingYou can follow Helen at her blog

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