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Taste The Best Of SA And VIC At The Lane This Tasting Australia

The best chefs and winemakers of the Adelaide Hills and the Yarra Valley are joining forces to provide you with an educational and delicious study of the two regions!

We love celebrating our home state’s wine and food, and we’ll argue lengthily with any East-coasters that claim theirs is better. Taking a more cooperative approach to comparing the different regions’ food and wine offerings is The Lane and Oakridge Wines’ Provenance Lunch with special guest Oakridge chef, Matt Stone.

The gracious hosts at The Lane are head chef James Brinklow and Head Winemaker Michael Schreurs, pairing with Stone and his partner-in-wine Oakridge Head Winemaker David Bicknell.

This amazing team-up will take diners through a long and delicious story about the Adelaide Hills and Yarra Valley’s distinctive food and wine offerings; highlighting the differences and similarities of these iconic regions’ wines, cuisines and cultures.

If you’re unaware of what the heck ‘provenance’ actually means, to begin with, no, it’s not that region in France. Provenance is the circumstances of a product – region, land, climate and producers themselves – that make it so damn delicious.

You’ll explore this deep connection between wine, food and the land they come from in this utterly unique (and tasty!) insight into the culture and philosophy held by those who produce some of the country’s best wine and food.

The long lunch will be kicking off at 12:00pm on Friday, April 20 at The Lane’s stunning Adelaide Hills cellar door, just outside of Hahndorf.

Tickets are limited for this very special collaboration between four of SA and VIC’s best wino’s and foodies, so be sure to grab yours quickly. They’re available through The Lane’s website or the event’s Facebook page.

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