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Tasting Australia 2016 Welcomes Adelaide Ambassador Chef

Adelaide’s rockstar chef Jock Zonfrillo, the genius behind Street and Orana, has been announced as Tasting Australia’s ambassador for 2016

Chef Jock Zonfrillo was born in Glasgow to an Italian father and a Scottish mother, and he is now based in Adelaide; to put it simply, Jock understands the diversity and significance of the intermingling of culture and cuisine. This is why he recently has been named as the 2016 Ambassador of Tasting Australia, a premier biennial Adelaide food and wine event. For more than fifteen years, Tasting Australia has been one of Australia’s most influential and best-attended culinary festivals, attracting more than 50,000 people.

Tasting Australia believes that wherever we travel in the world, culture and people are expressed best through eating and drinking, and that the act of eating and drinking can be a true expression of people that is always experienced best at the source. Taste Australia believes that in South Australia, our approach to eating and drinking defines who we are, and that is something to be celebrated; and celebrated it shall be, in the first 8 days of May in 2016.

Tasting Australia has created a distinctive culture of eating and drinking that comes directly from our regions; the incredible diversity of these regions can be seen in our rolling hills, bountiful oceans, outback pastures, vineyards, vegetable fields, and fruit blocks.

Wherever you are from, South Australia represents a universal and open invitation to take part in an eating and drinking experience that shows you the way it’s meant to be – true to culture, true to those who produce it, and true to its regions, then served by the people who know it best.

Zonfrillo has worked extensively both overseas and in Australia; he has made a name for himself as the head chef at Restaurant 41 in Sydney, and later Street-ADL and Orana here in Adelaide. He is also about to open a restaurant in Melbourne this month.

The last event in 2014 was a successful showcase for the talents of South Australia’s real food heroes, including Masterchef’s Poh Ling Yeow, Stephanie Alexander, and Gardening whiz Costa Georgiadis. Much loved South Australian cook Maggie Beer is also a Creative Director, promoting this wonderful local event.

More information about the Taste Australia 2016 event and programs will be available soon on their official website and Facebook.

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