Tell Henry “hello” at the café’s new Norwood location

The café left Kent Town but still has the same cult favourites and coffee at its temporary spot on The Parade.

Beloved café Tell Henry has moved from Kent Town to a new, temporary spot in Norwood. 

“We had short notice to get out of our last location, so we built this temporary location in 5 days,” Brad Bonar, Tell Henry’s owner, says. 

Located right on the Norwood parade, the café’s current spot has lots of outdoor seating and is perfectly situated for foot traffic. 

“It’s a busy area, so we haven’t really skipped a beat,” Bonar says. “It’s a really fun, terrific spot.” 

Even though the spot is new, the cafe is still offering all the same meals and coffees that made them a cult hit in the first place. 

Popular bites include the Bad Boy–––a grab-and-go “bacon and egger” with tomato, spinach, and aoli for just 6$––and its vegan companion the Good Boy, which has falafel and hummus. The café also has delicious chipotle chicken and rueben toasted sandwiches, and pastries such as salted caramel brownies, croissants, and donuts.

Photos by Cath Leo Photography.

“It’s the same coffee, same crew, and same good vibes,” Bonar says. 

Tell Henry doesn’t yet know when they’ll move on for their temporary spot, so for now, say hello to the team in Norwood. 

Visit Tell Henry’s website here.

Find Tell Henry at 52 The Parade, Norwood.

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