Telstra and The Australian Ballet’s new Let’s Dance Program to bring ballet to the bush

Students across regional Australia will participate in studio sessions, get a behind-the-scenes look at rehearsals, and enjoy live ballet performances.

In exciting news for the arts in regional Australia, Telstra and The Australian Ballet have launched their new “Let’s Dance” program. This innovative initiative aims to bring ballet training and performances to young, aspiring dancers across the country.

The program, which kicked off on June 19th, will tour eight schools in South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales. It offers a unique opportunity for hundreds of children to experience the world of ballet firsthand. Students will participate in studio sessions, get a behind-the-scenes look at rehearsals, and enjoy live ballet performances. Each student will also receive a dance pack with gear to help them on their dancing journey.

The Let’s Dance program is not only an introduction to ballet, it’s about inspiring kids and opening up new possibilities. One student from each school will be selected for a special trip to The Australian Ballet Centre in Melbourne. There, they’ll experience a day in the life of a professional ballet dancer and attend a live ballet performance.

The program builds on a four-decade-long partnership between Telstra and The Australian Ballet. This partnership has played a crucial role in bringing the arts to a wider audience in Australia. With Let’s Dance, they hope to spark a passion for dance in the next generation of Australians.

Paul Knobloch, a Repetiteur with The Australian Ballet, says the program aims to instill a love of dance in children, potentially shaping their future paths. “Our aim with Let’s Dance is to not only introduce these children to ballet but to instill a passion for the arts that could influence their future, either as patrons or performers,” he said.

Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet, David Hallberg, highlights the program’s significance in reaching a wider audience and inspiring children across Australia to explore dance. “Our forty-year strong partnership has been integral to The Australian Ballet’s mission to bring live performance and the experience of the art form to the broadest possible audience,” Hallberg said. “Let’s Dance builds on this foundation by ‘inspiring children all over Australia to explore dance.'”

Alita McMenamin, Principal for Brand, Network and Sponsorship at Telstra, echoed this sentiment, emphasising the program’s potential to open up new opportunities for children in regional areas. “We believe that partnership has had an undeniable impact on spotlighting young talent. We want to open up even more possibilities for children to experience outstanding art from a young age and not be limited by geographical boundaries,” she said.

Let’s Dance continues the commitment of Telstra and The Australian Ballet to making arts education accessible to all Australians, regardless of location. With this program, they are not only nurturing potential talent but also enriching the cultural landscape of regional communities.

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