Ten proposal tips from Adelaide diamond experts

We asked the diamond experts at Gerard McCabe about their proposal advice, and it couldn’t have come at a better time with Valentine’s Day on the near horizon.

Love, marriage and the lot: something the poets, philosophers and thespians throughout history have described in a multitude of different and gorgeous ways.

Aristotle did say, “love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” Whilst this is romantic, and something we might say to ourselves as we watch Netflix on our lonesome, he probably wouldn’t be the guy we’d go to for advice on how exactly to propose to the one.

Of course, no shade to Aristotle. We’re just conscious that he might not be quite up to date with today’s dating culture, and also that he’s, you know, long dead.

So, who to turn to when you need proper, practical advice about proposals and marriage?

Why not the people that constantly see future fiancés and fiancées pop through the doors of their establishment.

We asked the diamond experts at Gerard McCabe about their proposal advice.

Without further ado, here are ten tips from the experts themselves.

1. “Ask the right person” – Gerard McCabe, Managing Director

2. “Find out what style of engagement ring she likes and try to surprise her with the ring. Organise a special night away from home just for the two of you. Perhaps the first place you went away together. Scope out a romantic setting to propose. Champagne, candles and your favourite tunes in the background will help to set the mood.” – William, Operations Manager

3. “First of all, when a gentleman comes on his own to buy a ring, it means he must really know her that well to be able to pick for her. Which is very special, because he feels that good and knows her so well that he is ready to make this decision himself.

We’re here to help him find that perfect ring, so we ask all the right questions. Whether it’s white gold, yellow gold, round brilliant or princess cut, or coloured stone – we will ask all of these things so that we can find the perfect piece for him.”
Tina, Diamond Expert, Adelaide Arcade.

4. “It’s not always about the pictures on social media and other couple’s ideas of the perfect proposal. Make it unique to who you and your partner are as a couple, make it your own and it will be perfect, AND don’t forget to organise a photographer or a hidden camera to catch the moment” – Sandra, Diamond Expert, Rundle Mall

5. “Trust your eyes and follow your heart!” – Ashton, Diamond Expert, Adelaide Arcade.

6. “My tip for blokes; If you have something you want to say then write it down. The butterflies in your stomach may make you forget your awesome memorised speech. Also be prepared to adapt your plans if things outside your control don’t go your way.” – Justin McCabe, Regional Manager 

7. “I always like the proposal that many customers have given which is to take their partner to the block of land they’ve purchased or the new house they are about to move into and set up a small picnic and propose as a new beginning to their life together.” – Jackie, Store Manager, Rundle Mall.

8. “Plan your proposal for a night out and when getting ready:
Them: ‘How do I look?’
You: “I think there is something missing” drop to your knee presenting the Ring.”
– Margaret, Assistant Store Manager, Rundle Mall

9. “This will vary according to the couple, but overall to savour every moment and follow your dreams, to put each other first and always cherish the special moments.” – Vicki, Diamond Expert, Rundle Mall.

10. “Keep the proposal a secret for the first 24 hours. Stay off social media, don’t call everyone you know just yet, and take the time to enjoy this beautiful moment and celebrate your engagement with your partner.” – Jessica McCabe-Moran, Marketing Manager.

Got the inspiration you need? More importantly, do you have the ring?

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