Ten Reasons We Can't Wait For ALDI To Come To Adelaide

Ten Reasons We Can’t Wait For ALDI To Come To Adelaide

When you get invited to experience all things Aldi in Sydney as a taster for things to come when it hits Adelaide next year, you don’t say no! Read all about our experience and why we are so excited about Aldi hitting our state now…



Image taken at ALDI McGraths Hill NSW.

When we say Aldi you guys go a little crazy… It seems that we aren’t the only ones excited about the German discounter supermarkets making their way to Adelaide in 2016. And with a proposed 20 stores to be popping up across South Australia plus a long term plan to open 50 all up, this is big news.

Everybody loves something new so when we were invited to Sydney to have our taste of the Aldi experience before it pops up around Adelaide, we took the opportunity to take a look at what they can do.

So here’s our list of the things that Aldi can hang their hat on/the reasons you should be excited to check Aldi out too…


Aldi are all about offering low prices on the best quality products. With 90% of their range being private label they “will not be beaten on price” a spokesperson for Aldi says. We like low prices for obvious reasons…


In this economic climate how can new jobs be a bad thing? Especially with the rocky state of our employment rate at present time. But not to get too negative, with the proposed 20 stores to be built that can only mean a boost in employment across a whole bunch of sectors.


Last financial year Aldi supermarkets sold 129 million dollars worth of SA products and 25 million in South Australian fruit and veg. That’s a massive amount of South Aussie produce being spread across the nation without an Aldi store even being opened here yet… So you can only imagine that number boosting up when the stores open here.


Obviously fresh is best and that is key at all Aldi stores… We will all be able to pick up all the best season, fresh, organic, and locally grown produce.

Fun fact: Did you know that Aldi supply a healthy range of gluten free products in their HAS NO…® range? Great for all those gluten intolerant people out there too!



Aldi think smart. They have extended conveyor belts and each checkout and more barcodes on the products making your time spent at the checkout as minimal as possible. We got to experience going through an Aldi checkout and we have to say, we were blown away at how quickly we could race through the checkout. Time is money these days, so that is just another bonus.


As you know Glam are all about the farshun (or fashion for those of you playing at home) so when we heard that Aldi do fashion, and not just any fashion, high end fashion, you can imagine our excitement! Collette Dinigan has already created her own range of clothes exclusively for Aldi for a Special Buys sale, so who could be next? Come on, that is brilliant!


Milk Chocolate with Caramel & Himalayan Salt? Milk Chocolate with fresh roasted pieces of hazelnut and raisins soaked in Jamaican Rum … for $2.49? Yes please. We don’t need to do much more explaining than that…


Aldi have access to a huge range of suppliers which means they often have access to unbelievable deals on anything from electronics to furniture and even lawnmowers! Every Wednesday and Saturday Aldi launch a new range of special buys – usually at a highly discounted rate.


They know that Aussies sometimes don’t like substitutes so don’t stress, you can still find your Vegemite, Nutella, and of course … Farmers Union. Yes, South Australia.


Did we mention Aldi are ridiculously cheap?

If those things don’t get you jumping up and down on one spot in anticipation for the opening of Aldi’s first store in Adelaide then, quite frankly, we don’t know what will! We will, of course, be covering it all as it happens so keep your eye on Glam.

All images taken at ALDI McGraths Hill NSW by Josh Geelen.

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