Test Driving The Black Dress at Mercedes Benz Showroom

More than 50 designers took to the runway on Wednesday to showcase their take on the iconic Black Dress in the stunning surrounds of the Mercedes Benz Showroom in Mile End.

Glam’s Sophie Armstrong of The Moon and The Mirror took in to the incredible location of the Mercedes Benz showroom this Wednesday, in search of the perfect little black dress. With so many options by 50+ designers on the runway at The Black Dress event, we’re sure it wasn’t an easy choice!

black dress-8219Set upon the background of the slick Mercedes Benz showroom, the little black dress became the featured item that models and guests alike were taking for a drive last Wednesday night.

Creator of The Black Dress event, Filip with an F (Odzak), has no fear in taking Adelaide’s fashion scene to the next level. Previously enjoying the success of the Red Dress Event and annual Boutique Runway shows, The Black Dress is now the cherry on top of his very stylish cake. 50+ designers fulfilled the brief of the black dress by sending down swathes of languishing silks, high couture silhouettes and breathlessly whimsical designs on amazonian models from Finesse Models Australia.

The lasting benefits of this event as it was in support of the Leukaemia Foundation belied the glitz of the soaring lights sweeeping across the sold out crowd and glistening off the shiny Mercedes Benz bonnets. Beautiful wines from Finnis River greeted us with warming rich tones as we settled in for an evening of opulence and fashion.

black dress-8254The music by Filip with an F began to fill up the spacious showroom and the models followed suit. Stylist Cimon Vozzo’s attention to detail and strong concept of flow throughout the runway made for a synonymous visual spectacular, celebrating each designer individually. The constant ‘click, click’ of cameras and cooing by guests over lust-worthy designs began from the very first model and only ended, when it all ended. Each look was curated and executed in marvellous form. Hair, by the team at Zink and make up under the direction of the amazing Lauren Parkinson, was fierce. It reflected the high-end designs, location and trend for this season all to the chic background of classic black.

With an event this sumptuous one can always rest on the fact that nothing will ever be the new black.

Photography by Sophie Armstrong

black dress-8210

black dress-8130

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