The $10 Frozen Cherry Ripe Martini Has Arrived

If you loved the frozen Snickers martini and the frozen Malteser Martini, you’re gonna love this.


Australia’s oldest chocolate bar has evolved yet again, with the Cherry Ripe now featuring in a newly launched $10 Frozen Martini.

Brought to us by the same creative folks who also delivered the Frozen Snickers Martini, and Frozen Malteser Martinis, the Beach Hotel Seaford have done it again.

Their love of chocolate bar cocktails knows no end, and we’re not complaining.

This time it’s an ode to one of our country’s best-loved coconut and cherry dessert bars, the Cherry Ripe. And best of all, it’s only $10 a pop.

But like the others, the Frozen Cherry Ripe Martini is only around for a limited time.

Who’s in?

The Beach Hotel Seaton is located at Commercial Road & Griffiths Drive, Seaford, SA 5169.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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