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Four South Australian wineries named in the World’s Best Vineyards 2023

This annual ranking celebrates the world’s top wine destinations, recognising vineyards that excel in producing exceptional wines and offering unique and memorable experiences for visitors.

Australia’s wine industry has once again demonstrated its prowess on the global stage, with four South Australian wineries earning well-deserved spots in the prestigious ‘World’s Best Vineyards’ competition for 2023.

This annual ranking celebrates the world’s top wine destinations, recognising vineyards that excel in producing exceptional wines and offering unique and memorable experiences for visitors.

Among the vineyards from around the world, four South Australian winemakers have proven their mettle, showcasing the diversity and excellence of Australian wines.

d’Arenberg (#17)

Taking the lead among the Australian entries is d’Arenberg, situated in McLaren Vale, which secured an impressive 17th position in the global ranking.

The vineyard’s striking modernist Cube, towering over the surrounding vines, captivates visitors with its architectural brilliance. However, it’s not just the eye-catching design that sets d’Arenberg apart. The Osborn family’s commitment to organic and biodynamic practices has resulted in tipples that capture the attention of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

The vineyard has earned its reputation as ‘more than just a cellar door,’ offering visitors a range of unique experiences. The Blending Bench allows guests to craft their own wines, while the Cube’s exhibition spaces, including a virtual fermenter and a Salvador Dali exhibition, engage the senses in delightful ways.

The d’Arry’s Verandah Restaurant, set in a beautifully restored 19th-century homestead, serves sumptuous dishes, complemented by an extensive d’Arenberg wine portfolio.

Henschke (#26)

In the serene Eden Valley lies the Henschke family’s estate, renowned for producing outstanding Shiraz and Riesling wines. The vineyard boasts some of Australia’s oldest and most cherished vineyards, including the legendary Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone.

The Henschke heritage spans five generations, with the sixth generation now contributing to its storied history. Stephen Henschke, the current winemaker, carries forward the family’s tradition, combining respect for traditional winemaking techniques with modern technology.

The Hill of Grace Experience offers exclusive access to the iconic vineyard, followed by tastings of their illustrious wines, including the esteemed ‘Hill of Grace.’ Visitors are immersed in an intimate setting surrounded by portraits of the family’s forebears, adding a personal touch to the experience.

The Henschke family is also a member of Australia’s First Families of Wine, a prestigious circle that unites the country’s most distinguished estates.

Penfolds Magill Estate (#44)

Steeped in history, Penfolds Magill Estate is one of Australia’s oldest wineries, founded in 1844 by a British couple who emigrated from Brighton to Adelaide.

The vineyard has played a pivotal role in shaping the Australian wine industry, especially with its acclaimed ‘Grange’ line. The ‘Grange’ wines, created in the 1950s, have become synonymous with fine New World reds and gained South Australian Heritage Icon status.

Visitors to the Magill Estate can explore the original vineyards, dine at the Magill Restaurant, and taste a selection of wines, including the revered ‘Grange’ blend. The estate also offers the ‘Ultimate Penfolds Experience,’ a comprehensive journey through the history and philosophy behind their winemaking.

Penfolds continues to innovate, with recent collaborations reaching international markets and a series of ‘Superblends’ ready to take the wine world by storm.

Seppeltsfield (#98)

Established in the Barossa Valley just 15 years after the European settlement of South Australia, Seppeltsfield holds a significant place in the history of Australian winemaking.

The vineyard’s legacy dates back to the mid-19th century when Joseph Seppelt, an emigrant from Silesia, purchased the land and focused on grape growing and winemaking. Today, under the custodianship of proprietor Warren Randall, Seppeltsfield remains a true national treasure.

The estate’s Centennial Collection, featuring an unbroken lineage of Tawny wines from every vintage since 1878, is a remarkable achievement. Moreover, the recommissioning of the 1888 Gravity Cellar has reinvigorated the vineyard’s prowess in crafting still wines.

Alongside its winemaking endeavors, Seppeltsfield has fostered a sense of community, welcoming a diverse range of offerings like restaurants, galleries, and craft studios, making it a vibrant cultural destination.

Earning spots in the ‘World’s Best Vineyards’ competition, d’Arenberg, Henschke, Penfolds Magill Estate, and Seppeltsfield have showcased the diversity and excellence of Australian wines. These vineyards not only produce remarkable wines but also offer visitors immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression, solidifying their place as world-class wine destinations.

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